Friday, January 14, 2011

Once again...

"I love my ball!"

Have I mentioned lately that Peaches LOVES to play...and her favorite toy is her ball, especially the BIG ball? LOL I couldn't resist getting yet another photo of her with her ball, it was to cute how she had her arm on (around) it.

Here I was, trying to actually do something on my computer for a change, and she wanted to play. Since I wasn't paying much attention to her she had to bark at me to get my attention.

"Play with me!"

Course then I'm really mean and grab my camera. *snicker*

She kinda looks funny when I get a photo of her barking when she is looking right at the camera.

She's like..."MOM, play with me...No, don't take photos...PLAY with me!!"

"I'm so cute!"

"See, I have the ball all lets play!!"

She has a serious play problem...sometimes she just HAS to have one of us play with her, and if we don't do it fast enough she lets us know...rather loudly. *giggle*

Least it's never boring around here...if all else fails, we can have never ending playtime with Peaches. :-))

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  1. She looks so sad in that last picture. *lol* ... Guess we know where the term "puppy dog eyes" comes from! ;)


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