Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scrapping & Knitting

With winter hitting with a vengeance this week, it seemed a good time to get some scrapping done. However, that's still easier said than done, as it seems I keep busy doing other things. LOL

I know I said I was going to just let Blurb slurp up my yearly photos and do a quick and easy book, instead of scrapping them...however that proved to be easier said than done. Reading about it, it sounded easy...actually getting in there and doing it...well not so much.

I did try it, seemed like it would still take a LOT of work on my part, so figured it would just be easier (since I know what I'm doing in PS) to make a background I could live with and then drop the photos on them and add text. So that's what I've been doing...although still haven't gotten real far, but hopefully I can get 2010 photos done this winter, and get caught up with this years photos at the very least...we will see how well that goes. LOL I still have a ton of 2009 photos to do too, so need to get busy.

Anyway, these two LO's show what I came up with for my 2010 photos that haven't already been scrapped. I used all Blushbutter products, but at this moment in time I'd have to go searching for just exactly WHAT kits got used so I'm just going to link to Blushbutter's store for now. Sorry! LOL If you have a question about something in particular feel free to ask, and I can try to update the post later if need be. I've got to get busy on other things as I'm running late today. :)

I thought the butterflies were so pretty...especially when, looking out my window, there is snow on the ground and cold temps. *sigh* I'm sure looking forward to butterfly season again. :)

First knitting

I also wanted to share the fact that I've finally finished my first dishrag. It's actually almost big enough for two I think, I made it to long (it's doubled over in the photo), so didn't make it square as it would be way to big for my hands to squeeze out the water. LOL I have another one started only didn't cast on so many maybe if I have time to work on it, I can get it finished sooner than this one...although won't count on it, as I haven't been sitting down to knit much either.

I've gotten faster at knitting...but not real fast. LOL The nice thing about it is if I have just a little bit of time to knit I can sit and do a little bit, without having to try to figure out where I am in a pattern...since I'm just doing the one stitch for my simple dish cloths.

I'm just still so thrilled that I got my brain wrapped around knitting finally...after 20-30 years of trying. Yes I'm slow. *giggle* Ok, well I can't say I tried ALL those 20-30 years, but I did try several times in the last 20-30 years.

Why do I keep finding "hobbies" that I want to do, I don't have time to do the ones I've been doing for years, let alone new ones. *sigh* I seriously need help I think! *giggle*

Ok, gotta run, hope everyones week is going ok. My prayers go out to the people around Brisbane Australia, I've been hearing (and seeing) all about the flooding and do hope it goes down soon. I know a few friends who read my blog live around there or have family there. Stay Safe!


  1. Love the layouts! We don't see many butterflies around here.

    And you did a great job on the dishrag. I don't have the patience for knitting. *lol*

  2. Wonderful! Wonderful! Perfect way to shake all the cold from this incredible winter we're all enduring! Warms me up just by looking at those layouts!!


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