Wednesday, February 09, 2011

By George, I think she's got it!!

Roll over
"Get over the "rollover" trick already!"

I just have to post...yet again...about Peaches. (Can you tell it's another slow news week? LOL) The above photo is when she is just finishing a roll over. I tried to get ones with her in the middle of it, but alas, I STILL haven't found time to read up and practice getting movement shots, so the rest were ALL blured, not just parts of them like this one. LOL

I took Peaches and Autumn into the bedroom for treat time last night after I blogged, and Peaches immediately, as soon as I told her to, rolled over. I about died. I thought I would have a little trouble still. She even started rolling over, before I told her to during the session, even when I wasn't going to tell her to. I had to laugh at her...and praised her big time!

Yippee!! She's got it!! :-))

Do I know my baby girl or what...missing out on those treats was the perfect teaching tool!! I always end the sessions with a "trick" I know she knows though, so they end on a good I wouldn't have ended the session with her not getting a treat...even had she not rolled over.

She did it again this morning too, so last night wasn't a fluke! Now we need to work on her doing it when others tell her too...DH tried, and he had a little trouble, but she isn't use to him making her do tricks. LOL

Begging for Milk
"Milk! I WANT Milk!!"

I felt like Peaches this morning, begging for milk. LOL I read that if you try to clabber milk in the same room you make bread, it might not work because of the wild yeast in the air. I've never had good luck with clabbering milk, and now and then have to try again, just cause I WANT to figure how to do it on my own, without starters...I don't know why, I just do.

So I got a pint jar, and met DH at the door, when he came in with the milk bucket, so I could get some before it got to the kitchen, and try and see if keeping it out of the kitchen does the trick. (We need a 2nd kitchen, so we have our main one for meals and baking...and one for canning, soaping and cheese making!!! LOL)

I do hope this works, cause I'm getting so tired of my obsession of trying to make's annoying ME, so hate to think how much it could be annoying DH! *giggle*

Ok, better get on with my day. I'm having trouble feeling like doing anything the last few days, but need to do a few things at least anyway. Least so far the electricity hasn't gone out today, like it did yesterday morning. I had to redo my plans for lunch, cause we could only use the top of the stove, not the oven...or toaster oven...or microwave. LOL I love my fancy stove, but...have to admit, the next one I get will probably be basic, just so we don't loose the use of the oven, when the electricity is out. There is something to say for having a pilot light, instead of the electronic start, even if I can't have my broiler in the oven like I prefer.

Hope everyone is having a good week! Stay warm!! :)


  1. I have no idea what you mean by "clabbering" milk... But I wish you luck! *lol*

    WTG Peaches!!!!

  2. Clabber looks like Yogurt, but is different good bacteria's. It's kind of like buttermilk, but the homemade clabber is thicker like yogurt unless whisked up real good. It is what I make cottage cheese with. And can be used in other cheese making as well as anything that calls for buttermilk. :)


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