Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Playing Together

Play Time

After "treat time", it's play time!

Autumn even wants to play with Peaches, not just Peaches wanting to play. They like playing on the rug in the bedroom I think, and we have the door shut most of the time so they can't go in there...so they only get the chance to, if we go in there during the day.

Autumn started the wanting to play thing, at first she would run around the bedroom with Peaches looking at her like she was crazy. Under the bed she would go, and around the end of it, back and forth. Then she would go up to Peaches and try to get her to join her in play.

Peaches having been pounced on in anger so often, still has trouble knowing if Autumn is wanting to play, or fight, but she bravely joins her usually, and they play together, till I decide I better move on with my day and head out of the room.

Play Time

Now that Autumn has initiated play several times after treat time, Peaches isn't quite as leery of joining in right away, and they start playing as soon as I get them both onto the floor.

Sometimes they play tug of war, with a toy, and others they just pounce on each other.

Play Time

As long as they are having fun and it doesn't turn ugly (which doesn't happen very often anymore) I enjoy watching them play. It's cheap entertainment. LOL It's especially fun when one of them runs around the room like a crazy woman...or even out into the rest of the house, and back again. It's just so funny, and good to see them happy. :)

The fights may not be over...after all Autumn is moody at times, but least she is playing lots more than she was the first few months we had Peaches. I'm just glad Peaches is brave, and hasn't let Autumn totally cow her. Its so good to see them getting along for the most part...unless Autumn is wanting to sleep, and me laughing and playing with Peaches disturbs her...then she gets a bit snappy still. LOL

Well I forgot to give them their treat time today, so I suppose I should get off here and do that! LOL Today I spent more time in the kitchen (making cheese and butter) cause it was really COLD today, and thats the warmest room, when we light Great-Grandma's wood cook stove. It's suppose to be warming up slowly over the next few days, and is still suppose to be in the 40's come the weekend! Yippee!! Hope it will warm up for any of you who are in the deep freeze too! :-))

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  1. Glad to hear that they are getting along better. :) It sure sounds like it would be fun to watch them!



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