Monday, February 07, 2011

Stubborn Little Miss

Little Miss Stubborn

The "training" of Peaches continues.

I'm still stuck on roll over, cause she is so stubborn. LOL I KNOW she knows what I want her to do, but I've had to give her a nudge on her side, to get her to do it.

Finally today I have enough, and figured it was time to teach her that I can be stubborn too! *giggle*

I think one reason she has not "learned" this one as quickly as she did the others, is because it's one I never taught Autumn. Autumn's "education" wasn't as intensive, because when she was young, we were traveling with our business, and it's kind of hard to do the training in the truck as we were driving down the road. Everything else I have taught her so far, she has been able to watch Autumn perform the task, and then follow suite. Now she is being asked to do something on her own...and if Big sister doesn't have to do it, why should she! *snicker*

However, little did she know...I can be more stubborn than she can!

So today, I decided enough was enough. She almost rolled over a few times, but then didn't, so I KNEW she knew what I when she refused to, I looked at Autumn, gave her another command, and when she did it, she got the treat. I then told Peaches to roll over, and when she didn't after telling her several times, I looked at Autumn, had her do something else, and she got another treat. After several times of Autumn getting something, and Peaches not, she finally realized she better shape up or be left out in the cold.

She rolled over on her own!!!!!

The next time I told her to roll over, she baulked, but didn't let Autumn get quite as many turns at the treats before she decided to do it again....and again, after even less teats going to Autumn. Maybe in another day or two of treat times, she will stop loosing any turns, and just do what I ask her to do. *giggle*

She is just so spoiled. LOL Case in point, my DH wrote about how he is a sucker with her on his blog today...and believe me, he IS a sucker for those sad little puppy dog eyes she is so good at directing at us to get her own way. LOL

I admit, I've been known to fall for that sad act she has some...ok a lot...but I'm not quite as much of a sucker as he is...he has a marshmallow for a heart when it comes to some things...and our animals (especially our fur babies) are lucky enough to be one of them. :-))

Anyway, now maybe we can get this "roll over" thing figured out and move on to something else! LOL I guess if I were a little better at doing it every day she would maybe be past it by now. *sigh* So many things I need to little time!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It warmed up a little here, but is cooler again today, and we could get more snow tonight or tomorrow. They are saying it should be warm again next weekend, even warmer than this last maybe we will have more snow melt! The driveway is a sheet of ice now, cause of the melting that went on this last weekend, so it would be nice if at least the ice would totally melt and clean off the drive, this next weekend.

Ok, enough complaining...better run, hope everyone has a great week!! :)


  1. Sounds like you know how to train those dogs! I wouldn't even know where to start. *lol*

    She'll get it soon!

  2. Awww, C'mon, Mom! She can get by on all that cuteness without all those tricks! LOL I love when they wrinkle up their foreheads!


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