Wednesday, February 23, 2011


New curtains!
"Friends are family we choose for ourselves." Author Unknown

We have been blessed lately by our friends, in one way or another. Either their knowledge helping us along life's pathway, their friendship giving us a boost when we most need it, even if they didn't know we needed it, or with their caring giving of themselves and their talents.

Today, I received a package in the mail from some friends in Oregon. I knew it was coming, but was so excited to see what they sent in real life, instead of my imagination. Part of the package contained more dish cloths hand knitted by this friends daughter in payment for some of my soaps and lotion bars she asked for so she could give them as gifts. I begged more dishcloths from her, instead of accepting money...cause I'm mean like that. *giggle*

She sent me some pretty yellow the sunshine I love, and some with reds/pinks/oranges mixed in it, which makes a bright colorful statement which is cheering when I need it most (when I'm cleaning LOL) and a couple that are a blue/green color, which is of course always a good color cause I love those colors. I am still trying to knit my own, but am slow so this way I have several to use...and hopefully can make my own as backups now and then. :)

The other half of the package was from my friend, and were some curtains for under my sink!!! When I posted about my "new" sink last year (here if you don't remember the post) this dear friend offered to make me a curtain to go under the sink, so the ugliness of the "cabinet", and the junk under there wasn't so visible. I told her the size, and even begged one for the open corner I had...and left it up to her to come up with what material to use, and what they should look like.

I LOVE what she sent! The farm motif on the material is really cool (I LOVE old barns!) and the little ruffle she put on the bottom of it makes it perfect for me...cause I LOVE ruffles...and lace...and anything "girlish". :)

I think it looks SOOOO much better now under the sink, than it did before the curtain was there.

I'm feel so blessed with our friends lately...this particular one has been there, on the other end of the phone, when we have had cow troubles helping us decide what is wrong and how to fix it. She has had cows longer than we have, so knows way more about them. :)

Truck load of free oats

Yesterday one of DH's friends called him up and told him about some free oats he could have if he came and got them. He threw the stock racks on the truck, and drove up to get them. He ended up with a nice big pile of them in the back of the truck. Again...a blessing because of a friend.

God has really blessed us, with our friends lately.

Speaking of being blessed by a friend, one of my reader friends sent me a link yesterday after I moaned on my blog about not being able to find a cake pan I was looking for in the attic. It was for the exact type of pan I was looking for...I had no idea you could actually still buy them anywhere, how cool is that! You can see them here, if you were wondering what the heck I was talking about when I tried to describe them yesterday. LOL I'm putting them on my wish list for sometime this year, cause they aren't to expensive really...and while yes I might not use them much...when I want a layer cake, they are the handiest things to use!! :)

Those of you who share your friendship through e-mails and comments on my blog make me feel blessed too! :-))

Praise God for good friendships, they are a blessing indeed!


  1. I need to get me some of those kinds of pans too. :)

    Sounds like you've been blessed with some wonderful friends! So much to be thankful for. :)

  2. I knew exactly what pans you were describing. I had two of them that I used all the time but somehow they didn't make it in the last move. Now I know where to get some to replace them.

    I love the curtains under your cabinets, especially the way she reversed the fabrics in them.

  3. I love the curtains too. Just what you needed.



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