Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy beginning to the week.

Devil Dog

I took the dogs out for a really SHORT romp this afternoon, while I went to tell DH I needed his help getting some things out of the attic. He lay down on the ground, since it's dryer out now, and got attacked. I had to laugh when I saw this photos...cause Peaches looks like a Devil dog, with her ears up like horns. *giggle* Flicker has some other ones of the attack, but I figured I'd make you go there this time if you want to see them, so for once, my post wasn't full of photos. LOL

The last couple of days, I've been busy finishing up organizing both pantries. I have most of the canned food out of the one in the kitchen (just left one shelf for a little bit) and most of the empty jars are also out of there. I actually still have empty shelves in both pantry's now...a totally unheard of thing around here! LOL Course I kinda doubt that it will last, especially with the one in the kitchen, but...it's sure nice for now. I'm hoping we actually manage to get stuff from our garden this summer, so I can fill the shelves in food pantry with canned goods. We will see how quickly I can fill them.

I left one whole shelf for empty jars, so I have room for more out there, as well as space for full ones. The metal shelves are going to be for some appliances that don't get used to much, a couple of which I'm hoping to buy this year...like a new dehydrator with more racks. We will see if I can manage that or not. LOL

Money is getting tighter it seems, but I'm really hoping to get that dehydrator, another (larger) stock pot, and a new food processor before canning season starts. I HAVE to have the food processor...cause the old one I have is relegated to soap making (it annoyed me for the last time last fall when I made salsa), besides it's so old, it's started to get a few cracks in the bowl...so kinda doubt it will last a real long time anyway. The food processor was one DH's sister gave me, cause she wanted a new one...so it was old when I got it. LOL Having a bigger, better dehydrator would be nice so I could dry more things faster...and the stock pot, while not totally necessary would sure be nice.

God knows what I really need though, and I'm trying to leave it up to him...although it really is hard to wait! LOL We also need a couple new large cutting boards for butchering season...but those will wait since that's not till November. I'm sure God will provide what we need...the rest will come eventually. :)

I actually managed to get up to the attic today, and go through the kitchen boxes we had left up there. I am missing one or two I think, cause I went looking for three things in particular, and only found one of them (the pasta maker my Mom gave me). I had a stack of glass custard cups I couldn't find, as well as a couple round layer cake pans that were my grandmothers. That's REALLY ticking me off, cause they were the kind that had metal thing you pull on and it cut the cake away from the pan once it's done. (Have no idea what they are called, and can't think of how to describe them any better now either.)

The cake pans were older, but they were so handy for baking a layer cake, cause it was always easy to get the cake out of the pan. My Mom had a couple I grew up using, so when I got Grandma's I was thrilled. I don't make layer cakes to often, which is why I haven't really looked for them for years, but...with doing the cookbook, I thought it would be nice to use them again...and they are no where to be found. Least not in the boxes I looked through...and since we organized the attic a few years ago, and put all the kitchen stuff in one spot...I think I looked through all the boxes that we have. *cry*

The fact that they were Grandma's is upsetting...and the fact that I've never seen that kind in the store, so I can't even replace them if I had the money to is upsetting.

The one good thing about going through the boxes is, I found some more glass glasses I forgot I had. (I actually thought I had all our glasses down here already). I'd been needing to get more, as we were down to like 3 or 4, but can't find any I like, so hadn't got more yet (the last ones I got at wally didn't last long...they broke in the dishwasher, so I didn't want more of them). I was thrilled to find the glasses, so now I don't have to get more right away!! Yippee!! :)

Besides enjoying organizing my two pantries & going through the boxes in the attic, I made a couple batches of soap, with my new recipe! I haven't taken them out of the mold yet, as they need to dry a little more before I do, but from what I can see of them, they look like they turned out just fine (we will see in the next day or two though). I'm hoping to do a few more batches this week, so my shelves are full again with drying soap. I wanted to have some to giveaway again, should the need arise...so figured I better get stocked back up. Besides, making soap is fun!! :)

Since, I also had butter and cheese to make already this week...it's been busy around here, and looks like it's going to be one of "those" weeks where I'm busier.

Thankfully I'm not as tired this week, as I was last week. I seriously need a brain transplant, I think. I had to move the herbs I take, to help my thyroid, a couple weeks ago, and if I don't have them sitting on the corner of my counter, I forget to take them...sometimes I can forget, even if they are there. However, when they aren't there...forget it, they don't get taken.

That's probably why last week I was extra tired since I was off them for a week or so...cause once I started taken them after having the subject of thyroid come up from a friend (thanks DJ! LOL) I started feeling better again. Who knew they were working THAT well for me! *sigh* I gotta get more of them ordered too...only have one more bottle in the pantry. Thankfully March is coming, and I probably should be able to get some then. :)

Anyway, I suppose I should get off here, I need to finish supper and besides, I'm sure I've bored you enough! *giggle* Sorry for the long and even more boring than usual, post.

Hope everyone had a good three day weekend, if you got it off! :-))

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  1. Oh no! I sure hope you can find the cake thing, that belonged to your Grandma! I would feel sick, if I lost something like that. :(

    Sounds like you're having fun organizing the new shelves! Yay! ... I love that sort of thing. *lol*



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