Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Plight of the Mommies.

The Plight of the Mommies

I'll announce the winner of the giveaway at the end of the post. ;)

With Clover being over a month old, she is more than old enough to be separated from her milk supply overnight...not that I'm sure she is happy about this, but it helps me have more milk to play with if I want it.

The three "Mom's" however are NOT happy that their little munchkin is not always with them now.

The Plight of the Mommies

Yesterday, DH took Clover for her walk (so she gets used to being lead on a rope) up to the mailbox and back, and the "Mom's" followed along, on the other side of the fence, because she had been locked away from them all night, and they were frantic to get her back.

The cold water in the creek didn't even stop Daisy and Honey from crossing it, they charged on through it and up the hill to stay as close to Clover as possible. Mabel, Clover's BIRTH Mom, stopped at the creek to wait...she must not be as worried. LOL

The Plight of the Mommies

Once DH and Clover headed back down the drive, the "Mom's" came back with them...crossing the creek again to rejoin Mabel and continue pleading for the return of their wee one.

They were noisy in their disapproval of being separated from her...three Jersey cows bellowing at the top of their lungs from time to time, doesn't make for a peaceful morning...but it was kinda funny to watch them, especially Daisy and Honey, as they jockeyed for position at the fence to keep an eye on Clover. I think there is a little rivalry going on between Honey and Daisy...nothing major, but when it comes to Clover, they both want to be "Mom" and if the other gets in the way, they get shoved around...Daisy is especially bad at wanting her own way with her "baby" I think. LOL

The Plight of the Mommies

Once DH got back up by the barn, the Mom's got stopped by the fence, so had to watch them go on by...till they saw him go into the barn.

The Plight of the Mommies

Once they were out of sight, Daisy and Honey headed out together to run to the side door and wait to be let in so they could get breakfast, and be reunited.

They will figure out that they get her back, in a few's always the first few days that are the hardest, but I just thought it was funny how they followed DH on his walk...even wading through the cold creek to stay with them, and acted all frantic about her being away from them.

If they are this bad now...what are they going to do, when it's weaning time...she will be separated for several months then! LOL

Ok, on with the winner! Thanks to CSN Stores, I have a coupon code for $45.00 sitting in my inbox, that I need to send to a lucky winner today!! I went to, and punched in 14 for the number of people signing up to win, and it spit out the number 3 as the winner! So Gloria, e-mail me for the code and I'll send it to you!! Congratulations, and I hope you have fun shopping!

Sorry I didn't have more codes to pass out, but maybe I can some up with another giveaway one of these days, so more of you have a chance to win something. Course, it may not be a $45.00 shopping spree, but those are hard to come by...least for me they seem to be. LOL I have to say I'm so thankful for it would have been impossible for me to choose a winner without something like that, because I'd love for all of you to win!

Thanks for playing! Hope you all are having a great weekend!! :)


  1. Seems like you're having a much easier time training Clover, compared to what's happening with the other three "grown-ups" - and that just cracks me up! They wouldn't be much further from the 'real world' - despite being out in the country. LOL

  2. Scrounger6:28 AM

    Yup. Definite "Mad Cow" disease....

  3. That is so funny! Poor cows!


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