Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lucky Clover

Clover and the chickens

Clover has got to be one of the luckiest calves ever born...least in the Mom category!

Since we brought home Honey, Clover has three "mom's" to love and protect her...not to mention FEED her. LOL

Honey and Clover

Yesterday when I took the dogs out for their romp I stopped by to see the cows. The dogs naturally had to bark at the large animals across the fence, so were rather loud and obnoxious. Honey was laying down by the hay ring, but she got up and went over towards Clover and stayed between her and the little pipsqueaks across the fence, as if to protect Clover, should they decide to come into the pasture.

Daisy "the other adopted Mom" stayed laying down, they didn't seem to bother her and Mabel, the REAL Mom, was standing up, the closest one to the fence, but didn't seem to mind them either. I don't know if it's just because Honey is the newest and isn't totally used to everything or if she is just the most nervous "Mom". Either way, I thought it was kinda endearing that she wants to protect the "baby" of the bunch, even if it isn't really "Hers". :)

In other cow news...Clover is coming along with her lead training. Granted she probably should have been totally lead trained by now, but being our First Heifer we may not totally know what we are doing...we don't bother with the boys since we don't plan on keeping them, although I know we probably should. (The cold weather hasn't helped get it done in a timely fashion either.) I went out yesterday morning to see her while the Mom's were being milked, and led her around the front yard. She sometimes stops and I have to pull her along for a little bit, but she didn't put up a huge fight or lay down, just cause she didn't want to go where I wanted her to.

One time she did try to take off running, but luckily (for me) an icy patch taught her a lesson. LOL She slipped on some ice and went sprawling on her side. She lay there for just a little bit, then got up and behaved herself. She wasn't hurt from what I could tell, but she didn't try it again...least not that time. She walked out with DH to the mailbox and back this morning on the rope too without incident. :)

Well I better get going, I have cheese to make this morning. Hope everyone has a great day!! :)


  1. She does sound quite well looked after. :)


  2. Ohhhhh, Deb! That first photo is a " Framer " in my book! Absolutely adorable! I think Clover could turn out to be a fantastic mom one day. With a trio-blend of the dispositions she's surrounded by... how could she go wrong?! Ha!


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