Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Little Red Rocket

Our "Little Red Rocket"....

DH has been calling Peaches a "Little Red Rocket" or sometimes "Missile Mutt" because she loves to race around all over the place, always on the go, going as fast as she can.

My toes are cold!

Yesterday since it was so nice out, I took the dogs out for a romp in the wide open spaces. They enjoyed getting out and running around more, but even though it was nice out, the melting snow made their toes cold! LOL

When DH crawled into the truck to sit down for a little bit, Peaches wanted in with him, so she could stop standing in cold water or snow. I started walking up the hill with Autumn out ahead of me, and called Peaches so she stood at the window of the truck watching me, with her feet on dry "land"...probably trying to decide if it was worth coming with me or not.

Wading the river.

DH finally got out of the truck, and set Peaches on the ground so she had no choice but to freeze her toes, so she came splashing up the hill towards me.

Wading the river.

With all the melting snow, the driveway was a river...shallow, but still a flowing river. She splashed her way through it, till she could cut over onto the grass.

Cutting over onto the grass

She continued up on the grass, which was still wet, but just not AS wet, till she got as close to me as she could be, and still be on the dryer grass.

"Are you crazy?"

Then she stopped and looked at me as if to say "are you crazy"...course I looked at her right back thinking the same thing with the way her ear was flapped up over her head. *giggle*

"Oh what fun!!"

Once she figured out we were going up the hill "exploring" she took off darting this way and that cause she loves going up to the top of the hill and racing around the hayfield.

Loving the wide open hayfield.

The hayfield was extra nice this time, because it was dryer than the driveway and yard was. She had a good time running around the edge of it, stopping to see what Autumn was doing, then racing on.

Exploring the edge of the hayfield.

It was a beautiful day out yesterday, but by the time we got back down towards the house, Peaches was ready to come in...not sure if it was to warm her cold toes up or the call of the treats that she knew she would get for going in so well. She was dancing around the door wanting in before I could get it opened for her. LOL

Ahhh the fun she will have come spring time!! Warm toes will mean lots more fun exploring and flying around the great outdoors as our little red rocket plays "Missile Mutt"!! :)

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  1. "Missile Mutt" ... *lol* LOVE IT!


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