Monday, February 28, 2011

Poor Peaches

Poor Peaches

Peaches had to go to the vet this afternoon for a shot, so she is a little extra tired and probably has a sore arm now...and who knows what else. She wanted held, till I moved around to much, trying to get a photo of her sleeping in my arms. It didn't work to well...and chased her off down to her bed, so I just got one there. *giggle*

She got her temp taken at the vet, and I had to laugh cause this is the first dog we've had, that cried just cause they had to have a thermometer stuck up their hind end. Usually it's the shot that gets them if something is going to, not the thermometer...she didn't cry with the shot...guess she just has to be different, kinda like me! *giggle*

Course then we get a call from a friend, and had to go look at their goats, so I had to haul her all over the place, cause I wasn't willing to leave her in the truck with Autumn, in case she started having a reaction to the shot when we weren't watching. Thankfully she is still small enough (although I was a little surprised when the vet said she weighed in at 10 lbs) it's not hard to carry her around. She even got to go into a store with us (course Autumn got to to). I've GOT to get Peaches used to being on a leash...I've been far to lax on that side of her training.

Anyway, been a busy afternoon, and now I need to finish supper, so I gotta run. Hopefully Peaches will be back to her fun loving self tomorrow...can you believe tomorrow is the 1st of MARCH?!! Spring should be just around the corner now....SHOULD being the operative word. I know Peaches is hoping it is...cause she doesn't like these cold snowy days. :)


  1. Oh, gosh... I'd give anything to be able to go back to having a 10lb. anything!!! Enjoy while ya' can! Hope y'all didn't get slammed too hard by the storms. It's an absolute mess over here.

  2. One time Buddy got a fever from one of his shots, when he was a kitten. I felt so bad for him!


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