Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Swirl Fun!!

Swirled soap!

When it comes to digital scrapbooking, or soaping, I've discovered I LOVE swirls! I had so much fun today, trying my hand at swirling some more soap....this time it may have actually worked! I got 5 more small logs of soap made today, two of them with swirls. I saved a little to much color for the top, so there isn't as much natural colored soap showing on top as there should be, but...there is a little on this log.

I'm hoping when I can cut them up in a few days, that I got some really nice swirls inside. Can't wait to see!! Last time I tried to swirl, it didn't work out to well, so I did some research online and found this blog post here, with some video's on how she swirls soap. It worked like a charm...or least, umm it seemed to...we will see for sure in a few days! LOL

I had so much fun with soap today though...think I've GOT to get some other colors of the soap dye when I have the money, now that I tried the purple one, cause I had a lot of fun with it. I still need to figure out for sure how the best way to color it is, cause I'm not sure if I did it right...it's not the deep purple I was expecting but maybe I just didn't use enough of it. It's still pretty, so that's ok.

I'm just thrilled that I might have figured out this swirl thing. Gotta love how much you can learn from the Internet!

I'm almost done with making soap for a little while though...unfortunately. Need to use up some of this I made, before making more...or give it away. *giggle* Next time I make a bunch, maybe I'll swirl all my soap. We will see if I can get some other colors of dye, between now and then. I actually would rather use natural plants and spices to dye my soap...however I want colors I can't get that way, or least haven't discovered HOW to get that way, so I'll be happy using the dye for now. :)

I do hope to make another two or three logs of soap this week, or next...depending on how long it takes to get this soap out of the molds, but after that I'll have to quit till I can find someone to take some of this off my hands. LOL It's is a lot of fun to make soap though...who knew I'd enjoy it THIS much! :-))


  1. I'll bet it's going to look great when you're finished!!! :)


  2. THAT looks like so much fun! Now I can see how it can become as addictive as scrapping. LOL


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