Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Apple for his Teacher

An Apple for his teacher

My hubby is a very talented man, he can do a lot of different things, thankfully, since it helps us save money by not having someone else do them. I think some of what he has done is BECAUSE we couldn't afford to have someone come do it for us, but that just goes to show we can do more than we think we can.

One thing he can do...even though he doesn't do a lot of it, as time seems to always run out, is some wood working. He got started making some boxes like this "apple" box above, a few years after we got married. I have a box in the shape of a rose...and one of our first Doxie we got together after we got married (she's begging)...and another doxie as a puppy, as well as some wall hangings of our doxie's, a cribbage board that's in the shape of Autumn's head...and other things scattered here and there throughout our house. He makes the patterns of the dogs from the photos I take...it's really cool. Guess I should take some photos of them and share them on here. Maybe I will one of these days.

So moving on...DH has kept in touch with one of his teachers, who he had as a youngster. She was his favorite, and is the one he said influenced him the most. We've gone to see her several times since we moved back to this area where he lived as a youngster. He heard her birthday was coming up soon (her 77th I think) so decided he wanted to make her something, and got to thinking he'd try making a box in the shape of an apple, since apples seem to be for teachers.

An Apple for his teacher

Personally I would have gone with my favorite thing to give...a rose box, but he never listens to me. *giggle* This time I will admit he was right! I Love this apple box...and I'm not even a teacher. Even if I were "tired" of apples cause I WAS a teacher, I think I'd still LOVE this one!

He used a piece of bloodwood, so it was red like an apple is suppose to be. That's the NATURAL color of the wood. Like my Daddy says of his woodworking, "no stains or dye's are used" to get the colors, just God's beautiful woods.

On this box, the lid lifts off the top...some of the things he has made, has a drawer that pulls out instead. Either way they are nice, although probably hold more if he makes it so the top lifts off.

There are a few photos of other things DH has made, in his hobby set on flicker if you want to see them here, but not to many. We sometimes forget to get photos of what he makes, before he gives it away...and some of what he has made was before we started using flicker, so they just never got on there. Maybe one of these days we can get more on there.

I do hope his "teacher" has a great birthday! She is a really nice lady.

I just thought I'd share a little of one of my hubby's hobbies on here for a change. Give you a change, from reading what I do all the time. LOL Besides I thought this turned out REALLY nice!! :-))

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  1. He's very talented! Love the apple box!!!!



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