Monday, March 28, 2011

Technology and Me

I've had a life long love affair with books. So knowing this, you would have thought I'd have kept up on all the "book" technology out there.

Some of my earliest memories are sitting on my Daddy's lap, while he read to me. I always loved "story time" even when I graduated to reading the stories myself as I got older.

However, I loved books...the REAL thing. The pages that can actually be turned, the stories you can get immersed in, or the recipe's that are printed on the pages. They are a wonderful way to relax for a few minutes, and take a journey to somewhere else...back in time, or just to someone elses kitchen...not that I have as much time to read as I used to, but do now and then.

I always figured I'd rather spend that little extra to get a real book, with pages that turned...than to get the e-book. That is...until I found out by reading a readers blog that there were FREE books out there...Free Christian books, that I really LOVE reading! (And yes I know I'm WAY behind times! *giggle*) She happened to mention she downloaded three free christian books on amazon this last week...that's when it hit me...e-books might be ok after all, especially if you can get them for FREE! (Thanks a lot Julie...I didn't really NEED to know this! *giggle*)

So off I go to amazon, to look at their books. Naturally when I discovered there was some software that would let me read those books on my computer I had to download it, and then get the books...even though I have trouble reading books on my computer.

When I go to relax in my recliner, our fur babies have to join would be easy enough to hold, with my computer on my lap, but two is a little bit of a even though I had a few books I'd found, downloaded onto my laptop, I hadn't read all of them, cause it's just no fun not being able to hold the dogs while I read, and hard to hold them and my computer at the same time.

So finally, I had to go look at a kindle, just to see what they are like and how much they are. Yes I'd heard of a kindle, and an ipad, but that's about as far as it went, I'm not one who has to have the latest and me get along fine usually...but it's a take it or leave it type of thing, except for my comptuer and my camera.

This weekend however, I finally educated myself on them. Enough to know that as much as a Ipad might be nice, between the price, and the fact that I couldn't read it outside, any better than I discovered I could read my computer screen outside, (which ticked me off, cause I wanted to be able to take it out to the patio with me) I figure a kindle would fit me better, after all, what I read said it would even read to me so I could get through some books while still working around the cool is that!

Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to get even a Kindle for far to long. Even though my birthday is coming up in May, I already have plans on what to get myself, and since I really NEED what I had planned on getting, I can't really change my mind and go with a much as I'd like to. Not that I won't be happy to get that new food processor I'm planning on getting, and if I have enough money the new dehydrator too. LOL (I'm hoping I need both of them come canning season!)

Anyway, I discovered that there are a TON of FREE classics on amazon! Cookbooks included. Old cookbooks are SO interesting! I've had a thing about cookbooks for years too, I have quite a few, and even though I don't use half of what I have...they still catch my eye and I want more. *giggle* (I even found an old soapmaking book on there!)

So last night, I wasted to much time looking through those classics...poor Peaches got ignored again, when she wanted to play...and I downloaded several books, We will see if I manage to get them read. I'm not done...there are over 15000 books in the classics section, so I'll have to go back and see what else they have one of these days.

Hey, to the powers that be from Amazon...wanna give me a early birthday gift? I'd be happy to do a review for a free Kindle!! ROFL *sigh* I didn't think so...oh well, it's nice to dream. Thanks for having a way to read them on my comptuer at least...maybe I can figure out a way to do that easier one of these days. :)

Just so you all know...I've always been kinda slow on some it's not really surprising that I am just NOW deciding that an e-reader would be kinda nice, or maybe I just like to be behind the times. *giggle*


  1. You know... I hadn't wanted a Kindle either. I love, love, love my books! ... But when I got the kindle app on my iPod, I couldn't believe how fun it actually was. Plus, I could hold the "book" easily with one hand, which left my other hand free to do other things. Very cool! ... I don't know if I'll ever get an ectual Kindle or not (since I have the free app for my iPod), but it's something to think about, since the iPod wasn't built to store a ton of books (on top of all my music, videos, photos, etc).

  2. I think Dwayne wanted to get me the Kindle for Christmas - more than I wanted one - at the time. And now there are games that can be downloaded, as well. But I prefer the reading. As time goes - I'm coming to love this little gadget!


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