Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy Week in the kitchen

French Bread

I made French Bread today...been wanting a recipe more like the stuff you buy in the store, so went looking and found this post here about making french bread. It had instructions about using a pizza I just had to try it, so I could use my stone for more than pizza for a change!!

We haven't actually tried it yet (going to cut it up and put butter and garlic on it tomorrow!) but it sure feels nice, like the ones you buy in the store. Actually we will only use one tomorrow, I think hubby is stealing the other one for his friend who has promised to help him with something tomorrow. That's ok, one is more than enough for us. :)

The feel of the dough, after it "doubled" was sure nice! Different than what I'm used to, really silky and soft feeling. Course I did all white flour this time, since it's my first time making the recipe...I can play with it next time if I want to and add a little whole wheat...least I know what it's like now.

I tried hamburger buns earlier this week...but they didn't turn out like I was hoping, (they were good, just not exactly what I wanted) so I'll still be playing with those to come up with a good recipe. As you can see I'm trying to get my "bread" section done in my cookbook...not going to manage finishing it this month I don't think, but that's ok, there is only so much "bread" things we can handle in a month. LOL

I've had a little more energy this week thankfully, which is great cause I've been "tired" for way to long. Hopefully that Kombucha is kicking in and starting to make me feel better like they say it can. Whatever it is, hopefully it continues...I was really tired of feeling tired if you know what I mean. *giggle*

Course that doesn't mean I have stopped doing stupid things! LOL Can't remember what it was today, but I remember muttering something about losing my mind again...and DH started singing...yes singing! (Ok, he said it was actually Peaches, but I'm not THAT far gone! *giggle*) He sang...

"Oh Mom's a fruit loop but that's ok...
She loses her mind at least twice a day...!"

*snicker, Sadly that is SO true!! I had to laugh, couldn't pretend I was mad or anything, cause it is TO true. *giggle*

On another front, I've managed to finish the soap I was making (I think...unless I come up with something else I just HAVE to do)...gotta cut the last of it, if I get time to and remember, but least it's done. I also made a few lotion bars and one batch of body butter but ran into a snag. It seems there is a shortage on Jojoba Oil, so it's raised in price (wasn't cheap to begin with) and I use it in my body butter and shampoo am almost out. I about had a heart attack when I went looking to see how much it was, and decided I needed to try to find something to replace it, that was cheaper...least for now.

I read up on different oils, and asked online, and got some suggestions. I have finally settled on Grapeseed oil for now (unless I come up with something better...which may very well happen), cause it's suppose to be good for skin and hair, and is suppose to be absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy feeling, which is nice for body butter. I'd rather stick with Jojoba Oil, but it's just not worth the price to me at this time. Course we will see what the body butter is like, with Grapeseed oil...I may change my mind. LOL The nice thing about grapeseed oil is, I can get it in our little town...I couldn't believe it when I called to ask if they had it and they said yes! Yippee!! Finally something I use that I don't have to buy and pay shipping on if it's the only thing I need. :)

Anyway, between making breads, cheeses, butter, Kombucha, meals and working on my soap and moisturizers I feel like I've been in the kitchen all week! I have had the chance to do a few other things but most of my time was spent in the kitchen. (Did do the two layouts for this months exchange at least though.)

Needless to say...that's one reason I didn't post yesterday, cause I was busy! LOL Besides which, I didn't want to bore you to death (like I am with this post) since I hadn't really been doing much news worthy...not that there is much newsworthy in this post, but I guess I felt like chatting today, so here I am. *snicker*

Hope everyone has had a great week! It's been cooler here again, actually had snow on the ground this morning, but it left in a hurry thankfully. Maybe eventually spring will stop teasing us, and actually show up! :)

Have a great weekend, everyone...I'll see ya when I see ya! :-))

***Edited...Ok, forget what I said about the grapeseed oil...I'm still looking for a different one. Guess I typed to soon! LOL


  1. You just keep 'playing' all you want! I'll be driving you nuts - once we get those goats and the milk comes in! Thanks for the recipe! I'll try it! We've had all the makings for rain today - except the rain. LOL Apparently, the nasty line of storms is riding exactly west and just below us.

  2. Mmmmm... That french bread looks so yummy! I'll have to try that recipe! :)


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