Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A neighbor's generosity.

Enjoying a neighbor's generosity.

We were going about our business this last weekend, expecting a friend of DH's to show up for a visit (he helps DH on his tractor or whatever he needs help on and stays for supper and a visit some times) when we hear someone coming down the drive. We both expected it to be the friend, but it wasn' was a neighbor who lives a mile or two to the south of us, and he was driving his tractor with a bale of hay on the front of it.

I watch DH and him as they put the bale in the feeder for our cows (and goats) to enjoy. I didn't know if DH had asked for one or what was going on, but figured I'd find out when he came in.

Come to find out, he hadn't asked, the neighbor was just out feeding his cows, and decided to bring us a bale too...out of the blue. How nice is that?!! DH said we were getting low on bales, but figured they would probably make it till the grass came up so hadn't been looking for any extra.

The only thing the neighbor took in payment was a cherry pie and a pound of butter! Totally doable!! :-))

The goats & cows have been enjoying the extra hay, and this way we can stretch out the hay in our barn, in case the cows need it a little longer than planned. The cows have actually been getting a little of the hay in the barn too, because it's been out of the weather all winter and may have more nutrients. Since they are giving us milk, we figured they could have some of it too.

The goats have actually been enjoying the grass that is greening up won't be long and they will be off to their summer pasture! Well...maybe anyway, it's cooler again here, and could snow this we will see how much that slows the grass down.

I'm just still so thrilled about our kind and generous neighbor...we are so blessed with some of our neighbors...some don't seem to care to be neighborly...yet others are more than happy to be a good neighbor, like people used to be in the "good ol days". I'm always happy to bake for friends and neighbors if I can, but especially so when they come bearing gifts. LOL

Now I have to make this neighbor another cherry pie though...cause I had planned on making him one for free this week since the one I gave him was in payment of the bale, I still have that "freebie" one to bake for him. After all I canned those cherries with him in mind...cause cherry pie isn't our favorite, although it's ok. I personally prefer using cherry's for jelly...but since we had enough jelly thought it would be nice to have some so I could make pie to giveaway. :)

Hope everyone is having a great week! We've been keeping busy here...nothing major or all that interesting, just the usual stuff, but it's keeping us busy anyway. Better get off here, it's play time for Peaches! LOL


  1. It sure is nice to have good neighbors! :)

  2. How wonderful! Good to hear about somebody having good neighbors. We've lived here 2+ years now and barely know the people living in front of our property.


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