Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A trip back in time.

Beautiful Morning
One of Mom & Dad's Ponds.

Listening to the frogs, takes me back to my childhood. The peace I felt as I listened to them, steals over my soul once again, and takes me back...back into the past.

I'm sitting in my old bedroom by the window, after lights out, with my head on my arms, which are resting on the windowsill. Dreamily listing to the frogs singing in the pond. Feeling the soft breeze against my cheek and smelling the fresh country air.

Now and then I'd hear the rumble of voices down below, that were my parents talking as they discussed whatever was on their mind at the time. Hearing them was just another thing that added to the peace...knowing they loved me and each other.

Sometimes a dog bark would cut into the peaceful sounds...or a goat would holler, I might even hear the coyotes in the distance. Mostly though, all is quiet as things settle down for the night to the sound of the frogs singing.

I take a deep breath of that fresh air, coming in my window...knowing I should go to bed, but wanting to steal a few more minutes there by my window, enjoying the night sounds and the peacefulness.

Then I hear the other sound I've been waiting for...that sound that would live on in my memory in the years to come as a sound of home...right along with the frogs singing. The sound of the Whip-poor-will.

Ahhh there it is again, that makes my night complete. Pushes the peaceful feeling all the way down into my soul, and fills me up with gratefulness for being alive at that exact moment in time.

Now I can climb into bed and fall asleep to the song of the frogs. All is well with my world, loved ones around me and God's beauty (sight & sound) right outside my window. With a prayer of thankfulness in my heart, I sink into dreamland to the sound of the frogs singing.

I never hear those Whip-poor-wills here on our farm in Nebraska, and I miss them. But least the frogs come to sing to me every spring, and take me back in time to those nights of my childhood, siting by the window in my bedroom. They still bring that peaceful feeling with them, and no matter what is going on in the world, I can still catch a sliver of that peace I felt as a child growing up in the boonies of Northern Missouri.

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  1. That sounds so peaceful. All I ever heard was the sound of cars and sirens, and loud neighbors... *sigh*



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