Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beautiful Day...even with the wind.

Enjoying the beautiful day!

It's a typical Nebraska day here, with the stiff breeze blowing. It's also beautiful out, sunny and warm, without that cool tinge to the wind we have had the last few days. A beautiful day for a walk.

I took the dogs out for a romp this afternoon. They are starting to demand it daily, even if I'm extra seems they want the wide open spaces every afternoon, and if I don't act like I'm going to take them, Peaches starts letting me know it's past time. *giggle* It's not like they can't go out whenever they want to, but guess our small fenced in yard just isn't good enough...they want the whole farm!

Not only do they want the whole farm to roam in, they want ME (ok or DH would work too I'm sure) to go with them...I was headed out yesterday with them, and noticed the truck wasn't here so came back in to call DH and find out where he we could go see him. The dogs had ran out as soon as I opened the door, so when I got off the phone, and went back outside, I saw them racing around looking for me and Peaches was acting a little frantic. Poor baby, she isn't used to being out front without one of us I guess, so didn't know what to think when I disappeared on her. *giggle*

Enjoying the beautiful day!

We took our walk up the hill and then came back around and I sat on the side porch step, soaking up that wonderful sunshine for a little while so the dogs could go exploring in the side yard.

When the wind would die down enough that I could hear better, I could hear a bunch of different kinds of birds chirping away down along the creek. It was so nice hearing was the first time I'd heard them like that this year...course I've not been outside as often as DH has, so may have just missed them. That's another warm weather sound I've missed...and didn't remember it till I heard it. *happy sigh* Spring really IS coming! :-))

Still waiting to hear the frogs though, till then it won't feel like spring, no matter how warm it gets. I think it is a little greener out today though, not much....but every little bit helps. The cows are sure hoping the grass grows quickly...they want out to enjoy the fresh spring grass almost as much as I want it to show it's face...ALMOST.

Ok, gotta run and find something for supper. Hope everyone's week is going great! Happy Birthday to Bethani...(a friend's daughter) hope you have a beautiful day!! :)

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day for a romp outside! :)


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