Thursday, March 17, 2011

On with my cheese adventure!

Queso fresco

I made a new cheese this week...well new to me. I've not really had to many different kinds of cheese, cause we just never had the money to spend lots on them. So now that I can make some of my own, I'm enjoying trying new ones now and then, when I have the stuff needed for them and the time to do it.

I found a blog a while back, where the lady is making a new kind of cheese every month, and blogging about it. While I'd love to try them all, I'm limited on the amount of room to age them, and even limited in what supplies I have to try new ones, till I get money now and then for more supplies. (Supplies would be the different cultures and such, that you need to make cheese...not the milk, since we get that from our cows.) Course I also only have so much milk, but could make a little more than I do, if I had the time and space to do so.

Anyway, on her blog this month she is making Queso fresco. You can view the post here if you want. This worked out perfectly for me, cause I'd been wanting to make a different cheese that I didn't have to age...but didn't know enough about the different cheeses, to know what recipe to go looking for.

Since I had what I needed for this one, I made it earlier this week. Its of course the only time I've made it, so have no idea if it really turned out right, but even if it's not exactly right, it's still yummy. I didn't add the peppers or onions to it, that she did, I'm not really into that kinda thing yet, but I'm sure one of these days I'll have to for DH, cause he IS into that kinda thing. LOL

It seemed kinda moist, when I was finished pressing it. And that's after I pressed it for way longer than she was still dripping after the 6 hours, so I left it in the press with more pressure, overnight. It has dried out a little since it's been sitting in the fridge, but is still nice and moist.

I do however think it's a bit to salty...and I didn't add more salt, like she suggested doing. It's not as bad now, as it seemed when we first tried it, not sure if I'm just getting used to it, or it's mellowing, but I think I could still cut down a little bit on the salt. I don't have anything major against salt, but prefer not to actually taste the salt on most things, I want cheese, not salt and cheese.

Anyway, this cheese is growing on me, I like it better now than I did at first, and am sure I'll be making it again!! It's nice for snacks, or cooking. I grated some up today and used it on pizza for lunch. DH is happy that I finally made one (besides Mozzarella) that he could eat right away!! *giggle*

This cheese adventure sure is interesting...I'm loving trying different kinds, even if I never know for sure if they turned out right, since I've never had that kind before. :)


  1. Oh, my gosh! Melt that with some chopped jalapeno and tomatoes... Tortilla chips... WOW! I can already taste it! Slap it on a warm tortilla! Dip those Fritos into a big bowl... a huge dob on top of refried beans... Okay, I'm done. What're you having? LOL

  2. Now I'm starting to get hungry.... ;)


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