Tuesday, March 08, 2011

HoneyDo Lists

7 years in the making.

I don't know about you, but there always seems to be something on my honeydo list. Sometimes I think my "honey" will NEVER get the stuff done...and I just keep finding more things to add to it. He has so many of his own things to do...my things get put off.

Course he's lucky we are usually always low on money, or my honey do list would be longer...cause there are several places that need trim in the house...if we could afford to buy it, along with other things. *giggle*

Now and then I get fed up, and choose something on that long list of mine, that I want done NOW, and tell him he needs to do it...in whatever time frame I decide to give him. I'm not proud of the fact that I get that way, after all it's not like he isn't busy doing other things when he can...but sometimes I get tired of seeing the things that need done around the house, so get mad. *hangs head in shame*

Thankfully he is a sweetheart, and usually does his best to do it for me...probably cause I don't actually throw a fit saying he has to do something off MY list every week or two...usually anyway. LOL

When we moved in, we knew there were a few things left we needed to do on the house, but figured maybe we could do them slowly as we lived here. Thresholds were one of those things.

Two of the thresholds, were needed to cover a couple holes in the floor, between two parts of our house. I finally got REALLY tired of seeing them there last year, and told him this winter I wanted them covered...I didn't care how, but figure out a way. Make a wide threshold, or just put a board over the hole, I don't care. Just cover them up, it's been 7 years after all...past time for it to be done.

With winter almost over, I harped on them more and more, till he finally get them made for me. LOL He just put the last one down today...along with a towel rack I needed in the bathroom, so his winter projects that I begged for are finished now!! Yippee!!

Well mostly....got another board or two to hang for a shelf on the porch, but that shouldn't be to hard, once this rain/snow mix gets over.

I do however already have an idea of what I want done next winter if possible...*sigh* Like I say...never ending honey do list, but least it's shorter for a little bit now! ;)

Now if we can just get winter to go away...that darn groundhog lied to us, spring isn't coming early here in Nebraska! Yes it is warmer some...but not for long. LOL It's raining AND snowing outside now...hopefully it won't actually snow enough to turn the ground white, but I won't hold my breath.

Oh well, shouldn't complain, it will come, when it comes. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! :)


  1. Glad you got some things done! Getting Joe to do things on his HoneyDo list is like pulling teeth. *lol*


  2. Hahahaha! I know EXACTLY what you mean! But guess who's going around checking the bathroom and living room ceiling tonight and saying, "Nothing, yet!" Watch for my post tomorrow!


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