Saturday, March 05, 2011

Someone was bored last night

Somebody was bored.

I was working on my soap project last night, trying to get the soap cut up and some of it beveled, for photos, then put out on the drying rack. I wanted to get the photos so I could ask some questions, mainly why some of it turned an odd color...and wanted to get it done before bedtime, so I kinda ignored Peaches when she came barking at me, wanting to play.

She finally gave up, and went off to amuse herself.

This morning I found an old rope toy, we've had around here for years looking a bit worse for wear.

Somebody was bored.

Peaches had chewed on it, till she got an end loose, and started to unravel it...which on these rope toys seems kinda hard to do, cause they are always wrapped tight. She must have been REALLY bored, to have managed it. *giggle* It's now got a piece unwrapped almost half way around kinda doubt this toy will last to much longer. *sigh*

This is one of the last ones we had bought, when Mischief was still alive many years ago...It wasn't played with much, till Peaches came, and I almost tossed it more than once. Guess I'm glad I didn't now...cause if she hadn't had something like that to amuse herself with, she could have chewed up something of ours!

Puppies...gotta love them. LOL

Ok, gotta run, need to do some cleanup this morning. DH is off to freeze at an auction today (it's one of those cold days here today...up and down all week in the 50's one day and below freezing the next). I'm staying home in the mostly warm house! LOL

Sometime this weekend, I hope to do another test batch of soap, and see if a theory I have as to what went wrong is maybe correct...I'll try to do a soap update next week, and explain more.

Have a great weekend!! :)


  1. Looks like Peaches is cutting teeth! Excited to see your soaps!

    We've got rain here today. The only good thing about that - I got some flower seeds thrown out into my flower bed. Gonna be fun watching to see if survivors pop up. LOL

  2. Glad you found something to occupy Peaches. Such a good doggy-mommy! :)


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