Friday, March 04, 2011

Trying some aged cheese

Pope Cheese

With not having lots of room to age cheese yet...because we haven't come up with a "cheese cave" fridge yet...I only make hard cheese once a month or so. However I have made a few batches of it, and yesterday DH opened one package of cheese I'd made 2 or 3 months ago to try.

It was suppose to be a farmhouse cheddar cheese...but he cut into it, and it was full of holes like Swiss cheese, and even tastes like the Swiss Lace cheese my Mom has bought sometimes when we visit.

Obviously something happened to the cheese, that wasn't suppose to happen.

However, DH loves it (since he LOVES Swiss!) so I guess it was a happy accident. Love those kind...except I highly doubt I can have it happen again. LOL I don't think my cheese is ever the same twice, so every time we open a package, it is a new experience. DH has dubbed this my Pope Cheese (as in "Holy" Cheese). *snicker*

This cheese was actually sealed in food savor bags to age, instead of waxed. I had trouble with what I waxed, getting moldy, so did it this way while I researched how to prevent mold.

I've basically decided to use the food savor till I can afford to buy a BUNCH of wax, so I can dip my cheese, instead of try to brush on the wax, so maybe I can get it covered better that way. I also want to wait till we can get a "cheese cave" going, as it's just easier this way with the bags, cause I can put it anywhere in my fridge and move it around if I need to, and not worry about it as much.

Obviously, I'll have to do some in food savor bags even after I start doing waxed ones...if the bags will help make it more like Swiss, since DH loves it.

It sure is fun having our very own homemade cheese though! Even if you start out trying to make cheddar, and end up with swiss. :-))


  1. Sounds good and looks good too.


  2. I wouldn't even know where to begin to make cheese. *lol* ... Looks like you did a good job!

  3. If you haven't written down those instructions for the process you went through to make this cheese... now would be a good time! Ya' just might need to get a patent! LOL


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