Thursday, March 31, 2011


New & Old

You know how I LOVE to make DH laugh, even going so far as to embarrass myself totally in order to accomplish it?

Remember how I have trouble going shopping and saying things that come out wrong? If you don't remember the can check out the funny category of posts on my blog, they are in there somewhere.

Well today...I did it again. I managed to pick a new store to embarrass myself in, but boy oh boy did I embarrass myself. *giggle*

Sorry I'm going to be mean, and direct you to DH's blog to read about it, cause he wanted to write it up, and I was more than happy to let him since he writes so much better than I do...besides, I wasn't sure if I wanted to sully your ears...or ummm eyes, by posting it on my blog. *snicker*

It's Peaches fault...if she hadn't of tore up her old ball (notice the ball on the right with no fuzz on it in the above photo...except for color, it USED to look like the ball on the left) I wouldn't have felt that we needed to go find another one for would never have been in this situation. Yep, I'll blame Peaches...after all DH always blames the dogs when he doesn't want to take the blame, so I should be able to also...shouldn't I? *giggle*

Ok, go read about it here...and thats ok, feel free to laugh if ya want...I did...all the way across town and then some.

Course who knows...maybe it's one of those where you had to be there for it to be funny, I don't know. :-))

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