Friday, April 01, 2011

Remember when...


...we first got Peaches. She was so tiny, and those eyes just pulled me in and forced me to spoil her rotten!

Play with me!

She STILL works those eyes, almost 8 months later! *giggle*

When I saw that photo I took the other night, when she was trying to get me to play, I thought of the one I took right after we got her. Course I had the wrong lens on, so was to close to see her feet, but she was basically sitting the same...only with her so much bigger now, it's kinda hard to see that. Course her head was cocked the opposite direction...but still it's a similar pose. :)

Oh, and that new ball we got her yesterday...she LOVES it! She was non-stop play with it till bedtime, or least non-stop trying to get us to play. LOL I was starting to think we were going to have to put it up to get a little peace, but thankfully today she is back to normal...wanting to play, but not being totally obnoxious about it. She must have really loved that ball! *giggle*

***Small rant***

I just have to say I HATE April Fools Day...always have. Thankfully DH doesn't ever try to "fool" me, I don't think he ever has, but with my bad memory I can't really remember. If he did it was way back at the beginning of our marriage, and he learned real quick what I thought of people using this day as a licence to lie.

I guess I don't have a sense of humor...*sigh* I thought I did, least somewhat, but it sure never shows up on this day...the day for Fools. I'm enough of a fool, without someone trying to make me more of one! So please, could we try to NOT lie on the first day of April for a's a new concept I know, but whats the use of trying to make someone else look stupid...I can sure do that well enough on my own, without anyone else helping me along.

Ok, I'm through. LOL Just couldn't go another year without ranting about this day, it ticks me off just hearing about the stuff that gets pulled on other people, let alone if it were me.

Anyway, It's suppose to be in the 60's again finally here this weekend, so I'm sure looking forward to it. In fact it's that out there now, so I better get off here and take the dogs out, so we can enjoy a short romp, before I have to work on supper. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. I don't remember anyone pulling a prank on me in a long, long, long time... If ever... So thankful for that!


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