Saturday, April 02, 2011

Who Knew....

Rolling Pin sock

...that these Rolling Pin Covers actually Worked?!!!

I've been baking for years (not that that means much...I still have a BUNCH to learn! LOL). I helped Mom when I was growing up, and always loved the baking side way more than the cooking side of things. I never really studied up on what equipment there was out there to make baking easier, so never knew much about these covers. I'd heard DH mention them before, but didn't see how they could make THAT much difference, so never got one.

Silly me! LOL Yes I know, I should listen to him more...after all HE grew up in a bakery!

Swiss Butterhorns
Yummy, tender, Swiss Butterhorns.

Last year, I finally had enough of trying to make Swiss butter horns, cause they were a major pain in the neck. The dough would stick to the rolling pin, and it was next to impossible to get it rolled out. I made DH help me make them once, since he wanted a 2nd batch, during the week of Unleavened Bread.

(They are one of the things I always make for that week...that makes them special cause we only have them once a year...course I could never face making them more often, even though DH LOVES them and almost begs me to make them for more than just our Unleavened Bread week.) *giggle*

So after last year, I went looking on amazon and found a bunch of the covers to choose from. I chose one and ordered it, and it's been sitting in a drawer since I got it, waiting to be tried out. I actually forgot that I had it...but DH mentioned it again yesterday, as we were getting ready to roll out the dough and the light came on and I went and got it and slide it on my rolling pin. *giggle*

It made making the butterhorns SO MUCH easier!!

I was so amazed! Who would have thought, that a little piece of cloth would make it that easy to roll a somewhat sticky dough out! I wish I had gotten one years ago. It almost made making Butterhorns fun...almost. LOL

It certainly makes using the rolling pin my Uncle Orison made me (he fashioned it after one my Great-Grandma used) more fun, when it comes to sticky dough!! I was always ready to chuck it before I got very far, before I had the cover...but not yesterday! :-))

I just thought I'd blog my amazement at how this little piece of cloth, actually works, in case there is anyone out there who hasn't discovered them yet. Try them, I think you will like them too!

(Yes, I realize I'm probably the ONLY one who hadn't discovered how wonderful they are...but had to mention them, just in case!) *snicker*

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  1. I never even knew they made rolling pin covers! How cool is that?! ... And you're also making me hungry... ;)


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