Monday, April 04, 2011

Daffodil Season!

Daffy Season!

It's daffodil season here on Hillbilly Hill Farm!!

I always forget I have some planted at the side of the house, cause it's on the side I don't see as often, and one of my SIL's planted them for me...I LOVE daffodil's, but like everything else, they don't like to thrive for me, probably cause of neglect and my black thumb.

Probably the only reason they actually STILL come up, is because I didn't touch them, when she put them in...the ones I planted in the front flower bed are LONG gone, only a very few ever bothered to bloom even, and I put a bunch in. *sigh*

Daffy Season!

Peaches had to see what they were, since it's the first time she has seen them. I'm not sure she was really impressed, least she didn't act like it.

Maybe it's cause she can't play with them...she just walked off, after smelling them a couple times. *giggle*

Daffy Season!

I sure do love them, they are always the first flowers of spring here...since I don't have any crocus planted. I love the bright sunshine color of them, they are so cheery. :)

Even with the on again, off again spring we are having, the grass is slowly turning green, the daffy's came up and my lilacs are even getting leaves!! Before you know it, our world will be green again, instead of brown!! Yippee!!

Oh yeah, and the Rhubarb DH planted last year came up cool is that! Yes, sad to say, I had my doubts if it would. LOL Thankfully God showed mercy on it, and let it survive.

So does anyone know how many years it is suppose to be in the ground, before we start harvesting any of it? I guess I need to go google and see if I can find out, cause I don't want to kill it by taking some to soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, it was nice and warm here for a change...back in the 50's today though, but hey, least it's not snowing!!! Have a wonderful week! :)


  1. Yayyyyy for YOU!!!!! I hope you get to enjoy yours a bit longer. It's too dark here, yet, to see if mine took a beating to their demise. The storm that went through last night kept us all awake all night long. Zucker paced until I got up and gave him a Benedryl. And guess who kept sleeping after the alarm went off!

  2. I found this info on harvesting rhubarb.

    I read both your blog and scroungeman's but seldom comment. I love reading about all your animals and they way scroungeman reuses things. I'm a woman but love recycling/scrounging.

  3. Oh thank you for the link Granny, I hadn't found that one, it's just what I needed!! The best part is the fact that it had a way to print the article, so I can refer back to it!! Thanks for your help!! :-))

  4. You're quite welcome. I love the sites that let you pring hte article. Otherwise I bookmark them and then can't find them half the time. Good luck with your rhubarb. It's one of my favorites for pies.

  5. I love dafodils! I wanted pictures of ours, but by the time it stopped raining (for DAYS ON END), they looked rather sad. *sigh* ... I took a couple pictures anyway, but they just don't look that pretty. They also need to fill in some, but it takes a few years to get that. (We only planted then a couple years ago.)


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