Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I missed it!

Interested Stew

I took the dogs out to the barn yard today when we went out for their romp. I wanted to see the goats and Stew. I sat on the goat play yard, and gave Yani some attention, while the other dogs wandered around seeing what fun they could get into.

Peaches kept barking at Yani, as she walked by, cause she doesn't like her...and probably doesn't like her by me. In fact, I picked her up once, and she went crazy, barking in a higher pitch than normal....as in really upset and kinda scared...cause Yani was WAY to close then, so I put her down and she went on exploring...with a bark now and then. Poor thing, just isn't used to Yani...guess I should have tried to get them used to each other last fall. Autumn doesn't really like her either, but she isn't as noisy about it. LOL

Speaking of Autumn...I missed a funny photo of her playing grizzly bear again...kinda like one I took last year, only a different cow.

Interested Stew

Stew was kinda walking towards us, cause he was really interested in those tiny dogs he wasn't used to seeing (I haven't gone actually into the barn yard with him and them much cause of winter...and mud). Peaches barking at Yani made him interested in seeing what they were...and what they were up to I think.

I guess Autumn thought he was getting to close, cause she snapped at his nose, while running and leaping in his direction. That made him pause, but she stopped, so he headed her way again. This time she got violent, snapping and snarling as she chased him back a few paces, sounding, looking and acting like a little grizzly bear. Telling him in no uncertain terms, that he needed to back up and not even think of coming over to bother us. *giggle* He did stay back...but it didn't slow down his interest in the dogs, just didn't come up to me, cause Autumn was "hiding" under my skirt. *giggle* Yep, she is afraid of those big animals, and stays close to me when they are around...unless she REALLY feels threatened, then she attacks.

I think for the most part, Peaches was more worried about Yani, than Stew...although did bark at Stew a little, when he came a little to close to her.

I just wish I had gotten a photo of the little grizzly bear act, cause it was funny. But I was having to much fun watching it, so didn't think to put my camera up and get photos of it. Silly me. LOL

Least it made for an interesting time outside. It was a really NICE day out there today!

Anyway, supper is almost finished, so I better run. Just wanted to share a couple photos of Stew since it had been a while since I did...and tell about our little grizzly attack! Autumn sure doesn't take any guff from the animals, even if she is kinda afraid of them. *giggle*

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  1. It would have been funny to get that on video. *lol*



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