Friday, April 15, 2011

A favorite Item...

Welco Stockpots

When I first started making cheese, I invested in a really nice stainless steel stockpot with an aluminum clad bottom. I knew that I loved aluminum clad cookware, cause before we got married I had purchased a nice set that has held up well over the years, and I liked cooking in them better than a couple copper bottomed pots I received as a gift. I use both, but still prefer the aluminum clad bottom.

I picked out a Welco stockpot, because I wanted a metal lid, not a glass one like they carry at the local wal-mart, and I liked the looks of the Welco stockpots over the other stainless ones with a flat lid. They just looked better quality...granted looks aren't everything, but I'm partial to the domed lids, they go with my other cookware better that way. LOL

I've loved that 16 qt stockpot, over the last couple years of using it. It will hold 3 gallons of milk with room left over for sloshing around if I move the pot or get wild in my stirring. It's also been used to cook apples for apple sauce, and to cook down tomatoes for pizza sauce. I made my mincemeat in it, and several other things last canning season.

I purchased the 16 qt one at the Amish in Missouri, when I went to visit my parents, but it was the largest one they had...and I wanted another one that size, OR bigger, so last year, went looking online to see what I could find. I found a 20 qt one on Amazon for around 50 bucks, which was a great price, so put it on my wish list.

I would drool over it now and then, over the last few months, and knew I needed to try to get it before this next canning season, as I sometimes need two stockpots, and having it would be better than using the smaller enameled one I have had to use in the past. I could do larger batches of things, and get more canned that way!! :) I kept an eye on it, over the months, making sure the price didn't go up (like everything else was), but just wasn't able to get it yet.

Then a few weeks ago I looked and it had doubled in price! *gasp* After screeching...and moaning that it's the story of my life...I noticed that the one showing wasn't being sold by Target, like it had been, but by another company. So I keep my eye on it, to see if maybe Target was just out of them, and it would be back at the lower price. Last week I saw that it was back down under $50, so after talking to DH about it, I decided to go ahead and get it...had figured I might get it in May or June, but hated to wait in case it again went up in price.

I got it earlier this week!! It makes the 16 qt one look small now...and I always thought it was big! LOL These stockpots are some of the most used items in my kitchen...maybe that's just because I make cheese every week, but they sure do make it easy to use up lots of milk in one setting...and clean up nice as well.

Sadly now I'm thinking I should get some of the smaller sizes too...after all, I might want to make a small batch of something sometime! They, however, will wait awhile, I wouldn't use them as much as I do these...least I don't think I would. LOL

If you are in the market for stockpots, I totally recommend the Welco pots...least that's the name they have on the bottom of them, on Amazon, they have changed the name to Lindy for the one I just purchased...not sure what is going on there, but either way, they are beautiful pots, and work really well in MY kitchen! :)

The 20 qt one I just purchased can be seen here.

This is not a paid advertisement...Welco doesn't know me from Adam, it's just a product I happen to use and LOVE!! :)

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