Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring is Springing!

Pear Blossoms

It was a beautiful day outside today!! Not near as hot as it was over the weekend (thankfully!!) but yet not freezing either. We are suppose to have come cooler temps again in a few days along with more rain, but least spring is starting to happen more and more around here!

The pear trees we have that were growing wild when we bought the farm, are blooming now, they seem to be one of the first flowers of spring around here, along with the red bud trees...after the daffy's of course. LOL The Apple tree is getting it's leaves too, and the lilacs have flower buds on them already! :)

Spreading the used hay!

We are hoping to have a better...and bigger garden this year, so DH has been getting it plowed, disked and fertilized...and then disked again. He finished up getting it ready today, so now we can begin planting...if the weather will let us...tomorrow it's suppose to rain. LOL

We BOTH lost our minds...

I bought some "wall o water" things to try this year, so IF we manage to grow a garden, maybe we can have tomatoes a little earlier. Galen got them out in the garden, so they can start warming up the soil right there...and next week, hopefully, we can plant some tomatoes in them.

I really think we have BOTH gone mad though...seriously, do you SEE the SIZE of that garden spot? Yikes!! You are talking about two garden challenged people here...and we actually think we need THAT large of a spot? Yep, off our rocker, that's for sure!!

Course some of what we want to plant takes up a lot of room, but still...pumpkins, cucumbers & muskmelons don't need THAT much room do they? LOL Maybe this Thanksgiving I can make pumpkin pie totally from scratch (instead of using store bought canned pumpkin) for a change...never done that before. Course, since I only do one or two pies a year, it's not worth growing pumpkins just for that, but they make good animal feed too, so we will see how they do.

Anyway, DH plowed up a nice big main area, then a long strip down part of the hayfield, so we can have the vine plants off by themselves more...least some of them. Who knows, we may not use it all, and then can let it grow back into grass...but least we shouldn't actually run out of room this way.

Autumn & Peaches

Well, enough rambling, need to get finished on here, so I can go play with Peaches a little before bed. Poor baby is finding out she can't play all the time now...there are other things that keep us busy, so we can't always give her attention. LOL She enjoys her outings though, Autumn went wading in the creek today...but Peaches decided she didn't want to get her feet wet, she stayed on the dry bank, and let Autumn be silly for a change. *giggle* She didn't even hop across the narrow part, to go check out the other side, guess she wasn't that into exploring today.

Anyway, have a great week! :)


  1. nice photo of pear blossums... what kink of camera do u use?

  2. Thanks Clara, it's a canon rebel...love it, although someday I'd like to upgrade to the newest one, cause then I could take videos too. But till then, I'm loving what I have! :)

  3. That's one thing I've never done. A veggetable garden. I don't have a green enough thumb for that! *lol*

    Wonderful photo of the pear blossums! I can't wait for some nice weather (and free time... What's that?!) so I can go out and play with my new camera...



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