Monday, April 18, 2011

The grass is growing.

Clover's closeup

Today was the first day the cows got to get out in the yard and hayfield this year. They have been itching to get out with more grass, but we wanted to wait till it had greened up good and started growing. DH put the goats over in their "summer pasture" yesterday, but by the time he did, it was later in the day, so the cows had to wait till today to enjoy some freedom.

Clover stayed with her three mom's pretty good, as they roamed around, getting their fill of the yummy spring grass. She is three months old now, and will be weaned in a few weeks...but till then, she still gets to enjoy having three Mom's who watch over her carefully and feed her lots.

Clover watching Peaches

She is curious, and likes to investigate the above photo, she is wanting to check out Peaches, who is barking at her. The barking didn't seem to bother her...but then Peaches hasn't learned to attack, snapping and snarling like Autumn she doesn't pose much of a threat.

Clover is still cute, and it looks like she will have some black on her face, like her real Mom does, which is nice, cause I think Mabel (her real mom) is the prettiest of our cows. I'm sure looking forward to seeing what Clover looks like when she is full grown. :)

Heading up the hill...

Here are the three "Mom's", heading up the hill to the hayfield. They sure were happy to be out with more fresh grass to eat. They must have filled up on grass, cause they didn't really want to go get their evening grain when DH went to feed them tonight. He had to actually go get them, to get them in the barn. Usually they have been eager for feeding time...guess the day out spoiled their supper. *giggle*

In other news:

DH surprised me today. I guess he has been saving a few dollars here and there over the months, from the money we have each month for the animal feed, so he could get me something for my birthday. He is such a sweetie. He said he was going to wait to give it to me ON my birthday, but since he saw me (once again) drooling over a Kindle on Amazon this morning as I was finishing breakfast, he decided to give it to me now!

*sigh* What did I do to deserve this wonderful man.

I had managed to come up with a little money for my Kindle fund, since DH took some metal to the scrap yard last week. I took out what we needed for some tires we had to have for a trailer, and the rest I put in my Kindle fund...with DH's permission of course. LOL So with that, and the money he handed me today (Thanks Dear!!) I was able to almost have enough to order my Kindle!!! I rearranged our budget for next month a tad, and got the rest. Since I had some in the bank, that doesn't have to be used this month (it can be paid back next month) I got my new toy ordered today!!

I know a Kindle isn't anything I really NEED, but it's nice once in a while to splurge on something like that, instead of just the things we need...which is usually what I pick out for my birthday (although I'm always happy to get those needed items when I get them too!). :)

I've downloaded a bunch of free books to my computer from Amazon since I discovered them, but have only read one, cause it's just not that easy to do in comfort, on my computer with the dogs wanting to join maybe I can read more of them! I can't wait till it gets here!! I even had enough money to order a cheap cover for it from e-bay...Purple of course. LOL

I LOVE getting my birthday presents early, especially if I have to order them, cause then I should actually be able to play with them ON my birthday, instead of having to wait till they arrive. :)

Well I better get off here, need to go load the dishwasher before Peaches decides it's play time. (Speaking of her play time...did you read DH's post about him seeing "stars" at playtime from last week? You can see it here if ya want...Peaches must have a hard head!)

Anyway, better run, I have several things I want to get done this week, and don't want dishes holding me up from getting started in the morning. :) Hope you all have a wonderful week!! :)


  1. Yay!!! How exciting!!! Bet you can't wait for it to come!!!!!

    And happy early birthday! :)

  2. Thanks Julie, and YES, I keep going to see if it shipped yet, but so far it hasn't. Starting to think I should have purchased one at Best Buy when we go to Lincoln! LOL Oh well, it will get here when it gets here, just wish it would get sent out, so it would get here sooner! LOL


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