Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I think I should be insulted...

We had a bachelor friend over this last weekend...and he stayed for supper. I'm not sure exactly why we were talking about this, but I said something about my hit and miss cooking and he pipes up and says "Your cooking makes mine look good" *pause* "ummm I mean my cooking makes yours look good!" ROFL

I had just taken a bite to eat and am surprised I didn't spit my food across the table at him as I started laughing. It took me a little bit to be able to swallow the mouthful I had taken, so I could laugh without choking on it. It was SO FUNNY! Poor guy, least I'm not the only one who says things wrong!! *giggle*

Makes me feel not quite so lonely in my "open mouth, insert foot" status. I guess I'm not the ONLY one who says things that doesn't actually come out right. *giggle*

That got me to thinking about the time, a couple days after DH's Mom died, that I said the "wrong" thing. The family was gathered at one of his brothers houses, as we prepared for the funeral. I was inside talking to some of them, and DH was outside with some others. One of our Sisters-in-law decided she would cut the guy's hair, if they needed a hair cut, and DH came to the door of the house to ask if I thought he should get one.

The problem was, it was a bright sunny spring day outside, and so looking at him standing in the doorway it was kinda hard to see anything but shadow and bright sunlight. When he asked about getting a haircut, I pipped up (without thinking) and said "I don't know, I can't see, there's to much glare!" Now, that's not something you say to a balding Man...*giggle*.

There was silence in the house as people stopped what they were doing in shocked silence, then everyone started laughing, and I knew as soon as I said it that I had goofed...but it was to late to take it back, and it WAS funny, so I went with it. *sigh* WHY can't I come up with one liners like that when I WANT to...instead of just when it's the most embarrassing for someone?

Thankfully DH has a great sense of humor, so laughed with us...but has never let me forget it either. LOL He always tries to act injured...all the while laughing at me, when he "reminds" me. I think it's my lot in life to say the wrong thing...part of keeping my DH entertained I guess. *giggle*

Just this last weekend I messed up again...I KNOW the bone in your elbow that hurts like heck when you hit it, is called your "funny" bone...but for some stupid reason I had to call it your "crazy" bone this weekend. *groan*

Just shows how "crazy" I am, I guess! *snicker*

Anyway, I'm trying to come up with a new and exciting way to mess up a meal when this young man comes for supper again...He's got in on a few that weren't as good as they should have been, he deserves another one after the crack about my cooking this last weekend...even if that's not what he meant to say. *giggle*


  1. Hilarious! Sometimes, though... it's a moment like you had during the haircut conversation that becomes just the medicine everyone needs in the middle of dealing with the loss of a loved one. Grief is so heavy and compounded by shock over the fact that a loved one is just no longer there. The service always seems to help. But it's midway through the preparation beforehand, when something just needs to happen so folks can feel something different for a moment. Ya' know?

  2. Oh goodness, how funny! *lol* ... That reminds me... Once, soon after Joe and I were married, he says to me, "Julie, you never seem to amuse me." ... What he MEANT to say was, "You never cease to amaze me." *lol* We were laughing so hard!


  3. ROFL Julie, that is hilarious! I'm so glad to know others have my affliction...sad as that may be, it makes me feel better since I do it far to often. LOL

  4. on the open mouth, insert foot saying... i heard a good one related to that recently.. on Army Wives (netflix)... she said, "open mouth, insert shoe store"... I hope you hadn't just taken a bite of anything while reading that! :)


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