Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kittens, Cows & Kefir

Brand New Kittens!

Sugar our calico cat had kittens today!! She's been looking about ready to pop for the last week or so, and finally did. LOL This is all I saw of them though, she is tucked down in a pallet in the barn, and we didn't want to pick them up since she was just having them. This evening DH looked and said there were the time I took this photo we only saw 4.

Hopefully they survive and we can watch them grow up! Something is hard on cats around here, they either wander off...get chased off....or find something to do them in (One tried sleeping on a cow this winter and became a pancake when the cow moved in the night...a very FLAT pancake). They are fun while they are here at least, and certainly get fed well, between the cat food and milk they get! :)

Anyway, not sure if she had a calico one or not, will have to wait to see in a few days. Well later anyway, not sure how long I can stand to not pick them up, but till then it will remain a mystery. LOL I'd sure love to get some more good calico ones around here!!

Milk cow in training

I'm sure loving being able to take photos outside and capturing GREEN in them, instead of mostly brown! It really makes the photos prettier...least in my opinion. LOL I also love seeing the cows enjoying the grass, it's such a peaceful look for some reason.

Watching them munch their way around the yard, flicking at flies now and then or laying down chewing their cud, enjoying the sunshine and full belly of fresh spring grass is so nice. It's becoming one of my favorite things...even if I don't have to much time to watch them it's nice to glance out the window or walk across the yard and see it.

I know I've said this before but...who knew I'd like cows so much! I thank God for convincing me to have them in my life, for the joy they bring and the wonderful milk & cream they give so I can make cheese and butter to enjoy. I know we couldn't eat near as well if we didn't have them, because cheese and butter is not cheap...but it is better for you than that almost plastic stuff Man makes...and raw is of course even better! Give me food God has made, over Man made junk any day...not that we don't eat our share of junk mind you, but least we are TRYING to do better. :)

Have I mentioned I'm making Kefir now? I bought some grains (cheap) from a Lady in Lincoln the last time we were there, and have been making it ever since. I've read it has more probiotics in it, than yogurt has, so figured if I could get some grains, I could stop having to buy the yogurt culture so much and just go with Kefir. Since we had basically switched to "drinking" our yogurt as a smoothie anyway, we don't miss having yogurt and I can make some now and then if we want it...but the kefir makes just as good a smoothie as the yogurt did, sometimes strangely enough, it's actually thicker! LOL

I make a qt every day...and that gives us plenty to have a smoothie every day if we want (although we skip a day here and there...DH still likes to have oatmeal now and then, and I don't make smoothies then, cause I want to watch the carbs...he gets enough in the oatmeal so doesn't need the fruit carbs too.) and still have some to give to the animals. Probiotics are good for them too! :)

I will say I kinda doubt I'd like plain kefir, but then I'm not fond of plain yogurt either, but blended with berries and a little bit of stevia it's wonderful! It's also nice to think I may not have to buy yogurt starter to often now. Anyway that I can save money, and still eat a little more healthy is a good thing.

Kefir is so easy to make too...I strain the grains in the morning, set the jar on the sink, so DH can refill it when he brings the milk in, and then I slap the lid on, shake it up now and then, and the next morning it's ready to do all over again! If I want a break, I can slap the lid on, and put it in the will take longer to turn to Kefir that way, so I can not worry about doing it the next day...or go on vacation if I want. (Vacation? Whats that mean? *giggle*)

Anyone else make Kefir? How do you like to enjoy it? I'd love some more ideas! I'll share a recipe tomorrow (I hope) of some dip I used it in. Yummy!! :)

Ok, better get off here, it's getting late and I need to get to bed, but have to go get some cheese out of the press first! Hope everyone is having a great week so far! :)


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of the kittens, when Mama lets them come out a bit. I bet they are sooooo cute! Love me some kitties! :)

  2. Wow! Congratulations on the new kittens! Reading about you making Kefir... I feel like I'm so far behind. Hopefully - we'll get there - and soon! But keep on goin, Girlie! I'll be huntin' you down for help soon enough! LOL


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