Friday, May 27, 2011

Farm Rambles

A corner of the new fence

I guess having a fence around the hayfield may be ok...DH is planning on making the kind of gates I like for it eventually, so once that's done maybe I won't mind having the fence in the way in my photos. Course I kinda like the old wooden posts for the gates and corners, so even before then maybe it won't be so bad.

We got to talking this morning about using it for part of a dog fence too, so we can enlarge the back yard so they have more running around room. Not sure how soon that will happen, but we really want to give them more room to play (without having to wait for us to take them out) hopefully we can work on that one of these days too.

Hot Dog

I know Peaches would for sure LOVE more running room. She does love going outside when I go, and always comes in really well too, when I do. Course she goes running to my office and sits there waiting for me to give her a treat, guess I taught her a little to well that she gets one if she behaves and comes in when I want her to. *giggle* I really don't think we have had a dog that comes when I call as well as Peaches does...all because of those treats I started giving her when she came in when I wanted her to when she was a baby. The others have minded pretty good, but she is exceptionally good at minding for the most part, especially the coming back inside when I want her too without having to call her to much. *knock on wood* LOL

Yesterday was a really nice sunny day, but today is back to cloudy and kinda dreary. We even had a few sprinkles today, but thankfully they didn't amount to much. Really don't need any more rain for a little bit. Next week it's suppose to get hot again...not really looking forward to that, but June does start next week, so it's not surprising.

We have a cow on calf watch again!! When we purchased Honey earlier this year, they said she was due to calve the middle of June...and while we didn't have her checked and she hasn't "looked" like she is getting fat or anything, she did dry herself up a month or so ago, which is a good sign that they are actually going to have a baby. DH mentioned yesterday that she looks like she is bagging up again now, so maybe in a couple weeks she will drop a calf! Can't wait to see what it looks like, cause it's Dad is a Holstein, while she is mostly Jersey (with a touch of Holstein in her).

I personally prefer the Jersey, cause they aren't as big...and they are more of a heritage breed, but the Jersey/Holstein mix Heifers we saw when we went to get Honey were sure pretty, so hopefully this one will be cool looking too...although it doesn't have to be a girl cause we could use another steer for our freezer next year. LOL

We haven't got Daisy preg checked yet...but we are hoping she is going to calve in September. She has really started giving more milk this spring. I'm making butter almost every day now that she doesn't have a calf on her, and tossing a lot of milk out for the animals and trees/plants. I don't expect to get as much butter once Honey calves, (since Daisy seems to want to take over any baby around here) so I'm stock piling as much as I can now...while we have it. I really want to take some more to my parents when we see them am so thankful to be getting lots now.

Mabel was in heat a few days ago for the first time since she had Clover. DH is thinking about trying to breed her again, since she did pretty good once we got her edema to go down this last time. We'd just have to freeze some colostrum again, since she doesn't have enough to provide for her baby and make sure Daisy could adopt her calf again. So, if we do breed her, we plan on doing it in the next month or two, for a spring baby...we didn't really like the winter calf watch this last winter. LOL I think we will have to watch and make sure Mabel is due several months before Daisy Daisy is always able to raise Mabel's baby, before it's time for her to dry up to calve again...or hope we get some other cows who love to adopt too so we always have one for a "nurse" cow.

Anyway, not much else of interest going on here I guess. Just keeping busy and trying to find time and energy to get everything done that needs done. Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I've gotta run get some more done around here. :-))

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  1. Seems like there is always a baby being born around there. :)


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