Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Building Fence

We've been needing to build fence (what else is new...seems that's a never ending job around here LOL) and since DH can't do it as easily anymore (or very fast), he talked a friend into helping him some it didn't take all summer to do the stretch around the hayfield he wanted to get in. Praise God for our wonderful friends! :-))

DH wanted to get the hayfield fenced, so once the hay is off it, we can let the animals out to graze. It will cut down on the cool photos I can take off across the hayfield (without a fence in sight) but guess I'll adapt! LOL

Building Fence

They have managed to get all the posts in today, which is the worst part,even though they had to dodge rain showers this morning. This afternoon it really cooled off, so even though they were working they had to have jackets on, but the rain held off so they could get the worst part of the fencing done. Now we just have to try to get the wire up and stretched. Once that's done, the hayfield should be cow proof (well ok, gotta finish some gates too).

Then that just leaves one stretch of fence, across the top of the hill to do before it would be goat proof. Least the cows will be able to be out there for extra good grass, that's the main thing, since they do provide us with lots of milk and butter. Maybe we can get it goat proof next year...if that doesn't happen this year.

He was hoping to work on ditch crossings first I think, so the back pasture was cow proof...but with all this rain we have had in the last week that just wasn't possible. Hopefully they will get done soon...and hopefully this rain will let up so we can get some other things done that we need it dry for. I'm thankful for the rain though, we were needing some...SOME being the operative word. LOL

Thankfully I didn't have to help fence, since DH had I lucky or what?!!

I stayed in and stayed warm, cooking, cleaning and whatever else I always find to do around here. Least I did get a start on cleaning my office like I've been saying I was going to do for a while now. I can see the counter top in spots, whereas before I couldn't. LOL I also found room for all my soaping supplies, although had to do a little "stuffing" to get them all where they belong.

I think it's time to make more room in my office cupboards...just don't know HOW that's going to happen. *sigh* I just have way to much junk!! LOL It would help if I'd somehow find a place for a bunch of books (I need a library!) cause I have a bunch in my office that would free up a nice amount of room for soaping supplies, if I could just move them out. However, not sure where that would be, unless it was the attic, and I'm not willing to put them there cause I hate going up there after I'd never see them. (My herb and health related books are what are in my office...and yes I have a nice amount of them. LOL)

Anyway, it's been a pretty productive day for us, although my "productiveness" doesn't show like DH's (and his friend) does. LOL Even though it was a dreary day for the most part, I'm feeling really thankful now, and grateful for our friends once again.

Below are some of my favorite "friends" quotes I kept close from when I was scrapping more, they are just a few of the good ones out there...I saw them again, since I was cleaning my office so thought I'd share since I'm feeling extra thankful for friends right now. LOL

"Friends are family we choose for ourselves." Author Unknown

"Best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us." Author Unknown

"Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life." Author Unknown

"No gift can compare to a friend who's always there." Author Unknown

Ok, gotta run, need to check on supper and decide what else we are having with it. Have a wonderful rest of the week! :-))

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  1. What a great friend! I'm glad he found someone to help him with the fence. :)

    Good luck on the cleaning job!


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