Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Misty Missouri Morning

Beautiful Country

Funny of the weekend:

I took some soap and body butter over for my family to enjoy, and when my niece was picking some out, she saw the plastic sleeves covering the jar of body butter (like the REAL stuff would have, if you were buying it, so you knew it wasn't tampered with) and told me that "it makes you look cool".

Hmmmm for once in my life I looked cool huh...course maybe she said "it makes it look cool", not sure, but either way since I made it and put it on there I looked cool for a second didn't I? *giggle*

Ok, well I thought it was kinda funny, especially thinking back on it. I've never been "cool", never plan on BEING "cool" but least for one shining second, my niece may have thought I was....kinda anyway. LOL

Beautiful Country

These photos are what I saw when I first went outside early Sunday morning at my parents house. I had to grab DH's camera and get some photos, even if it was an ol' point and shoot.

Beautiful Country

I loved the pink sky, with the mists hanging low along the river bottom. Just a beautiful morning at my childhood home.

Beautiful Country

This is a shot looking down the road that goes by their house. It's a dead end road, so doesn't see much traffic past their driveway. That's Peaches heading out ahead of me. Love the hill and mist shrouded trees in the distance.

Sorry if you are tired of seeing photos of the beautiful country around where my parents live...I know I always have to post them when I come home from there, but it's so beautiful to me I just can't help myself...it's where I grew up, so will always be in my heart.

Well, better get off here for now...stay cool out there! It's in the mid 90's here today...sure looking forward to the end of the week, when it's suppose to be cooler! Got a lot I need to do, and it's hard to do with it so hot.

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  1. They have a beautiful property! It sure would make for a nice walk!!! :)

    And BTW, I think you're cool too! :)



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