Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not as noisy here today.

Iris are a blooming

I noticed our Iris are blooming now, these little ones are giving us a nice show this year...Love them cause I neglect them and they still seem to show off for us! :-))

Monday Clover was put over into the summer pasture with the goats and Stew. She is 4 months old, so it's time she was weaned, so hopefully she will grow up and be a good milk cow for us, and not sneak milk from the other mommies. We've heard some cows will do that, so we wanted to make sure we didn't let her nurse TO long, so hopefully she won't want to when she is older.

Poor Momma's

Monday it was noisy here...Clover bawling for her Mommies, the mommies bawling for their baby...especially Daisy.

Yesterday it was better, but there was still some unhappiness. Today is even maybe, we are on the road to peace again! LOL

Daisy was one UNHAPPY cow on Monday, mad at the world I think. She bellowed while being milked that night, and when it was over, stomped out of the barn, knocking things over in the process. You could tell just by watching her how mad she was...she wanted her adopted daughter back something awful! It wasn't really funny, yet kinda was in a way cause she was acting like a two year old who couldn't get her own way.

Thankfully that really bad upset didn't last to long. I think it was worse than when we weaned Stew though, and Stew was Daisy's own child...who would have thought an adopted daughter would be harder to get away from her than her own child was. LOL

Oh well, hopefully the worst is over now, and they can get on with giving us more milk and cream, instead of feeding it all to Clover. I'm looking forward to stocking up on butter, God willing!! Course Honey has dried herself up, getting ready to calve in June (least we are hoping that's why she did, DH thinks he has felt the calf, and I think I have, but it's been such a light movement I've not been sure it was the calf moving yet)so we won't get as much as if all three cows were giving us milk (Mable doesn't give to much) but hopefully we will still be able to get some ahead this way. :)

It's been HOT the past couple days! Man I hate to think what summer will be like, when it was already in the 90's so soon. Thankfully it's cooler today, and even had a rain storm go through to cool it off even more and give us some much needed moisture.

Our central air isn't working right, and the guy we called is swamped with everyone else who is having trouble so we had to survive without it these last couple days. That's why I'm so thankful for it turning cooler! Thankfully it cooled off enough to let us get some sleep at night the last couple nights. I'm such a weenie when it comes to the heat. *giggle*

Ok, gotta run, just wanted to share an iris photo and tell about our "Mad" cows! LOL Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Poor cows! *lol* ... Who knew a cow could throw a tanrum! ;)

    I sure wish we would get some 90 degree weather here. I am sooo tired of being cold all the time...

  2. You pick such perfect moments with all that wonderful subject matter you have at your place for your camera! I love seeing the photos you take! I hope all the female hormones calm down in the pasture soon!!


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