Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beautiful Countryside

Beautiful Country

Because I grew up there, the countryside around my parents farm will always be on my list of most beautiful places. I love the hills and the trees that are scattered across the land.

Beautiful Country

I especially love this big beautiful Oak tree they get to enjoy in one of their pastures. It's beautiful any time of the year, but especially when it has it's leaves.

Beautiful Country

The grass and trees were really greening up over there. It's usually more "lush" green there, than it is here, least in the spring, before the summer heat drys things out. It's a color of green that is so restful and I can't get enough of it.

Beautiful Country

This is the property to the west of my parents, the neighbors raise beef cows, and I always love walking up and seeing it too, cause I love the meadows and tree lines.

Beautiful Country

Course now that I've fallen in love with cows, I have discovered I love seeing them grazing in the pasture too. :)

Springtime in Missouri is SO beautiful, not that here in Nebraska there isn't plenty of beauty too. :)

*Note* This is a RE-post, since something happened with blogger, the one I put up on Thursday I have to re-post it. Wed. was actually gone for a while too, but it showed back up yesterday, which I was thankful for, so that just left one to redo...and it was in my drafts section, as I'd written it before the trouble, so I didn't have to much to do, to re-post it. Hopefully the trouble is over.

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  1. It is a very pretty property! Makes me wish we lived on a farm... Almost... (I wouldn't want to deal with the livestock. I'd be too afraid to touch a cow. *lol*)


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