Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Well, with my birthday being tomorrow, I made my cake today, probably the one time I was kinda happy to make my own cake. LOL I used the surprise pans I got in the mail the other day and made a layer cake for the first time in years. Wow, now I remember why layer cakes were for "special" occasions, not just whenever. They take a lot more frosting! LOL I love frosting, but am thinking this cake will have way to much of it...may have to freeze part of it, if we don't find someone to take some off our hands.

I didn't really get a great photo of the cake, was trying to get the edge so you could see it, and guess I should have put the cake somewhere else, so it wasn't so bright on part of it. Oh well, to lazy (or tired) to redo it. LOL I'm no cake decorator, but it's fun to play with now and then...least it used to be when I was growing up. I'll leave the really good decorating jobs to my DH and his siblings. :)

As you can see, this week is going to be a slow bloggin week, Monday we were gone all day, and yesterday I got distracted and then had to rush around getting some things done. Today I still have things I need to do...which probably won't get done, cause I'm so tired. Maybe I can sleep in for my birthday tomorrow. LOL

I was up at 5:30 this morning cause I all of a sudden remembered I didn't get steak out of the freezer, and I needed to have it in the oven early this afternoon so it had plenty of time too slow cook...I could have gone back to sleep once I got it out and into some water to thaw, but knew I had several things I wanted to get done today and figured if I did, I'd not get up soon enough to get a good start on them. So here I am, middle of the afternoon longing for a nap, something I almost never take. LOL

Oh well, least my cake is done and supper is in the if I could just get the energy to start cleaning my office, which REALLY needs done. Maybe I'll go outside for a little while, get some of that fresh air and see if that helps...might as well keep putting off that cleaning. *giggle*

I still have to get my "birthday" photo...the one time a year I try my best to have a photo of me taken, since I usually avoid the camera. Not sure how I want it done this year...but hopefully we can remember to do that in the next few days.

Ok, gotta get the butter washed, that I churned earlier and go get some fresh air, so I better get off here. Just wanted to share a photo of my first cake with the new pans! Nothing special, but it was fun to do. If you like a lot of frosting & chocolate cake, and you are in S.E. Nebraska tomorrow, stop in...I'll be happy to give you a piece! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! :-))


  1. That is such a pretty cake! I've tried to make fancy cakes before, and while they taste quite yummy, I can never get them to look pretty. *lol* I suck at cake decorating! ;)


  2. Happy Birthday!!

    Mom and Dad

  3. I've been so swamped that I haven't been able to come visit blogs much - and I missed your Birthday. :( I hope you had a wonderful day - relaxing day - with gorgeous weather! And that cake makes me slobber. Wonderful job! I'm so glad I'm too far to drive. My diet would go totally down the drain! I'm safer from here. I can almost smell it - and taste it... just looking at it! LOL


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