Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby's first day outside.

First Day Outside

This morning we made Honey's baby go outside. He didn't really want to, it's a big bad world out there after all. LOL

Galen pushed him out the front of the barn, so I could get some photos of him in the yard, while his Mom was having breakfast. Then he followed me over to the pasture, (cause he wanted to eat) and we introduced him to Daisy. Daisy came running when she saw him, but at first kicked him off, when he wanted to eat...have no idea why she did that, it sure surprised me. But after a little bit, she stood there and let him nurse.

Daisy & Mabel have been interested in the baby, but Daisy didn't get as adamant about getting to him, like she did Clover when Mabel had her this last winter. Makes you wonder if she knew Mabel wouldn't be able to raise her to well on her own...or if she knows she will be drying up in a month or two, so she didn't get as excited about this baby...cause she should be having her own in a few more months.

First Day Outside

DH milked his Mom (she was full...and we weren't sure if he could get on her with how big her teats get when they are so full) and I fed him a bottle while DH milked her out some more. Between the bottle and Daisy, he had a good breakfast! LOL In a week or two he should be able to fend for himself on getting that milk...we just want to make SURE he is getting enough...although hopefully not TO much. :)

First Day Outside

Mabel finally came to investigate the new little one, and I had to laugh, how she came up on the other side of Daisy, and leaned around her hind end, to nose him while he was eating.

We are thinking of calling him "KC" for KC Strip (you know...the steak?). That helps us remember what he is actually here for...beef for our freezer, but doesn't stop us from enjoying him as a baby. :)

Now to find out if Daisy is going to have one in September...3 calves in one year will be a new experience for us...I like the idea, hopefully it actually happens!! :-))

There are a few more photos from this morning on our flicker photostream, if ya want to see them here.

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  1. I think that's going to be one spoiled calf... From all the Mama cows. ;)


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