Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A cool breeze.

Sweet Pea Blooms

Today has brought much cooler temps to us here in south east Nebraska. We are so Thankful for the break from the hot & humid days we've been having. I actually have a cool breeze coming in my office window this evening, and just came in from a short trip outside with the dogs to see the garden. It was almost cold outside, but I sure enjoyed it after being hot way to often this last week or two.

I couldn't actually walk in the garden, since it's muddy from the rain we have been getting, but I was able to see what was growing and what wasn't. For some reason the onions don't appear like they will do anything, it's the 2nd batch we planted (the first was eaten by the goats who got out) so I guess we will just be buying onions all summer, instead of enjoying some of our own. I'd hoped to have some of them for salsa if we have tomatoes, but...oh well.

The Peas are blooming!! I'd noticed them the other day, but didn't have my camera with me, so couldn't get a photo of them. This evening however I took my camera out to see if I could get one to show off that they are actually blooming for us...not that that means anything, but maybe, just maybe we will end up with some peas! :)

The Broccoli and Okra are growing well still too, and I think I may have seen some beets up...and possibly some peppers, but not sure about them yet. The Cantaloupe, Zucchini, Cucumbers & pumpkins were up though, and looked to be doing well so far, although it's early days yet. LOL The radishes were up...and they need thinned...but will have to wait till it drys out some, and I saw at least one tomato on the vines!! :)

I'm just so thrilled that so far things still look good in the garden, for the most part. I realize that means nothing at this stage of the game...but I still have hope we will end up with several things from the garden this year. Can't really say I'm surprised the onions didn't grow...after all they were starts...and I planted them myself. My black thumb REALLY hates plants, seeds are bad enough, but they have a chance...where as plants don't seem to have much of one if I try to plant them myself. LOL

Praise God for the break in the heat & humidity...and for letting me still have hope we will manage a garden for a change, along with all the other blessings in our lives. :)

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  1. We're having a cool/cloudy day here too... But I miss the sunshine! *lol*


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