Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another beautiful day!

Day's End

Today was another beautiful day here...actually it was almost cold with the breeze blowing in the open windows. I had my jacket on part of the day because of it. The breeze died down this evening though.

Just another day of the same old thing here, cheese making, Kombucha making, mixing up another batch of laundry soap, since laundry day is coming up fast and I was out, and any number of other little chores that always need done. I did have time to relax this afternoon, and was going to work on a couple recipe LO's...but I didn't. Thankfully I'd gotten one done this morning, so least I've started getting ready for this months exchange. LOL All in all it was a peaceful day, not to busy, yet not totally boring either.

This evening I went out and captured the sunset...not as pretty as some, but not to shabby either. :)

Gotta love beautiful, peaceful days...especially when they end with a pretty sunset. :)

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