Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flowers from my Hubby...

Flowers from Hubby!

I love it when my DH walks in and surprises me with flowers!! I don't care if they are weeds, I'm happy to have them! :) I always put them in a vase and set them in the kitchen, since I seem to spend a lot of time there these days.

I do think I need to learn how to arrange flowers better....but don't guess it matters to much, I still walk into the kitchen and see them and they bring a smile to my heart (if not my face) and they make me think of the wonderful Man I married.

That man of mine is a sweetie...and knows me well! He knows I love flowers and how to bring a smile to my face. :)

Oh and...I don't want to say this to case it's listening....but I think the air might be fixed!!!!! The repair man was out here for several hours today, and at the end had me turn it on. We didn't leave it on since it's not hot enough for it, but it had made the temp go down in the house a degree or two, so I think, just maybe, it might be fixed. Shhh, don't let it hear me, I want it to STAY fixed! When it warms up we will turn it on and see for sure. :)

Tonights Sunset

To top it off, tonight's sunset was prettier than last nights...cause there were more clouds. Least in my opinion. :)

Ok, gotta run, it's bedtime. Hope every one's having a wonderful week so far.

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  1. Love those flowers! They are such "happy" flowers! :) ... My girls are always bringing me in flowers too. I love it!


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