Friday, June 24, 2011

I think I may have been mistaken!

Honey and KC

We are keeping Honey's milk now, since she didn't really have colostrum that we noticed, we didn't figure we needed to give it to the animals any longer.

I am however, still getting quite a bit of cream! I thought for sure, we would go back to not having to much, because Daisy always gives us skim milk when she has a calf around to I guess I just thought Honey would do the same (and Daisy would again, since the calf is eating off her too).

Course it's nothing like a friend of mine said she has gotten before from two cows...enough to make 9 pounds of butter a day!!!...I just can't imagine that much at once. LOL But so far I'm still making butter almost every day, which means we have more than enough for our needs.

I've got enough butter in the freezer for us to have extra should the supply slow way down, and some for my Mom...I've made some ghee, which I'll be doing again, since we liked this last batch, so other than ghee, what do I do with it? Save more in the freezer? Give it away to neighbors? Use the cream for other things, besides butter? All of the above? *giggle*

I probably will do all of the above...but I still can't believe how different our cows are from each other. Guess we are still learning about cows...and I wouldn't doubt if all the cows we get in the future will be different, and teach us things. Who knew they could be so interesting! :)

It may be silly, but I've been waiting for two years now (since we first got cows)to have way to much cream and's almost here I think! It's a wonderful feeling. :-))

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  1. That would be a great feeling! :)


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