Saturday, June 25, 2011

Orange Day Lilies

Day Lilies in the Grader Ditch.

The above photo was one my Dad put on his flicker photo stream a couple days ago. I remember loving it when the lilies bloomed, that grew in the ditch along the road that ran by our house growing up. It was a dead end road, so was kinda like our driveway. There were always a lot of them, but not near THIS many...this is just beautiful!!

I do seem to remember getting mad a few times, when the neighbors came by (they were just being neighborly...but it still made me mad LOL) and mowed the roadside, before the lilies had a chance to bloom. I always looked forward to seeing that summertime flower that made the roadside look beautiful. I don't remember them being on both sides of the road, but they do seem to have spread over the years I've been gone.

*sigh* I do wish I could see them in bloom now, they look like they would be a gorgeous sight.

Day Lilies

Because I enjoyed these flowers so much when I was growing up, when we had the chance to dig some up from a patch by our house in Polk, and plant some down here on our farm, I took it. We planted them around the transformer in our front yard so in the summer it wouldn't stand out so much. They have been getting thicker each year but still didn't really cover it like I wanted them to...till this year. Now it's finally starting to look like a nice bunch of flowers, even if they don't totally "hide" the transformer. :)

Maybe someday we will get enough to move some out along our driveway. I'd love to have it lined (at least part way) with a bunch of the photo my Dad took. It won't be the same, as the roadside goes down, not up, along our drive...but it would still be pretty! :)


  1. I get the biggest kick outta seeing these growing out in the pastures... smack in the middle of everything... with the cows that are just grazing and totally ignoring those orange beauties!

  2. I need to get some lilies for my yard. We had a ton of tiger lilies at our Portland house, and I really miss them!


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