Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More summer flowers & other rambles


Our Clematis is blooming now too, it's not climbing as high this year, as it did last...least not yet, but that's probably cause I forgot to check on it, and make sure it was climbing up, instead of spreading out across the flower bed. Hopefully I'll catch it better next year. It's still pretty! :)

Another Day LIly

We also have a few of these little yellow day lilies blooming. DH's favorite teacher gave them to us last year, and so they haven't taken over yet, but hopefully they will eventually. LOL DH planted them on the bank to the east of the house, since we can't really mow it to well, so maybe one of these years, they will help keep the grass down and look a little better. If not...guess that's ok too, it's not like we live in town. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a friend drop by with some parts for DH, and so invited him to stay for supper on Sunday evening. I didn't have any homemade bread, I've been neglecting getting more made, so I decided to whip up some biscuits since I know this friend loves bread at the meals we've shared in the past. I was hoping they would turn out, cause I used my ghee in them for the first time, and my oven has a problem...even though it's new...the replacement I'm getting isn't here yet.

As it turned out, they were probably some of the best biscuits I've made in a long time, not that my other ones have been bad. LOL I think the ghee really makes them extra yummy. We don't eat bread with our supper to often, (or biscuits) but will have to find a good time to try them out again soon, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke! LOL

I'm loving this ghee! Going to have to make more soon. :)

I always have preferred baking to cooking meals...unfortunately I don't do as much baking, since that kinda thing isn't something we really need to eat a LOT of. LOL It's going to be interesting to see if ALL my baked goods taste better with ghee, than the olive oil I've been using.

If it drys out enough this week, I've got to get back into the garden...much as I hate the idea, I don't want the weeds and grass taking over again. I also need to make some more soap...and get to some sewing I've been putting off. We will see how much I actually get done though. LOL I'm sure I'll try to put the sewing off again...but I really do need a few more skirts sewn up. LOL

Oh and I need to get a few extra things done in the next couple weeks, cause a young friend (actually a friends daughter) is planning on coming to stay for a couple months or so, to help out around here. She is better with cows than I am, so will be a help to me AND DH! :) Not sure if I will know what to do with help around the house. DH does sometimes, if I really need it, but having someone who can help more...and with canning if I'm lucky enough to do a bunch of that, will be strange to me...although wonderful I'm sure! :)

Anyway, have a great week, I better get off here and get back to work! :-))

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  1. It's nice of your friend to come stay and help out. I'm sure she will be a blessing. :)


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