Monday, June 13, 2011

It's a sad day here on Hillbilly Hill Farm...

A Sad Day...
Romper, the first goat baby born on our farm. we say good-bye to the last of our goats. We've considered taking a few of them to the sale barn, because they wouldn't stay in, or never gave us any babies, but we just never could bring ourselves to do it.

However, we finally decided we had to get rid of all of them for a while, because of health reasons...DH can't chase them down if they get out, or try to wade through them without falling any longer (they tend to crowd around when it's feeding time and it makes it hard to get the feed to their trough), and while I could do it easier than him, I'm not the most graceful person, so we decided it was just best to get rid of them and pray we can start over in a few years if things get better...or we get a better setup for feeding and keeping the goats in.

A Sad Day...
Carmel & Painter

I'll sure miss them. They have entertained us over the years and gave us joy. They really gave this Hillbilly Hill Farm it's start. We hope to get more fencing done, as well as figure out a better way to give them their feed, so it's not so hard to do as we get older, so if all goes well we can get more in the future.

I knew it would be hard to let them go, but as I watched them ride away and heard the last of their baaaa's echo back to me on the breeze, I realized it would be harder than I thought. I turned to walk back to the house with tears streaming down my face, and a heavy heart. As I hugged Autumn to me for comfort (she likes to try to comfort me when I'm sad) I thanked God for sharing with us the joys of having goats.

A Sad Day...
The goats coming to see me this morning.

If you let yourself, you to can learn how wonderful they can be...stinkers at times, but full of personality and total clowns.

I don't know if I can stand being in the ranks of "normal" farmers, who only have cows & chickens, I've never been "normal" all my life, so I'm thinking we may have to find something that is easy to take care of, but yet isn't "normal". *sigh* Just not sure what that could be right now.

Thankfully my parents still have Goats, so I'll be able to look out and see & hear theirs, when we visit.

So good-bye for now, my mischievous may be gone, but sure won't be forgotten.

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