Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Feathered Friends

Our chicks

Our new chicks are getting their feathers now. Some of them don't show up as well as others, but they are there. They are still in that cute stage though! :)

They sure have learned about the food. DH poured some in a feeder, and they all scurried over, excited and most all of them trying to get in at the same time, for fear they missed out. It's so funny to watch them discover there is food.

We have lost a few of them, but that's to be expected. That's probably one reason they sent extra.

It's been a pretty nice week so far, least heat wise. Thankfully we haven't been melting here, cause as expected, our air is STILL not fixed! He did call last Friday, which shocked and impressed me (doesn't take all that much to impress me I know *giggle*) saying he wasn't going to make it, cause he was getting some attic work done while it was cooler. He then preceded to inform me he would get to us the first of this week...and here it is the middle of the week, and no word. *sigh* Oh well, not a surprise, will get done when it gets done. I'm just so thankful God has kept it a little cooler for us. :)

I figure he will pick a time we have to go somewhere to want to do it...or just show up when we are gone without calling, which will then delay it from getting fixed further because he won't get us back on his schedule to quickly. Guess that's the price we pay if we insist on having air. LOL It will get done way or another, even if I have to call up the manufacture and stand on someone (and I'm not exactly small...*snicker*) till they make sure to send someone out to do it. After all it's still under warranty...not the Labor, just the parts, but still that SHOULD hold some weight, if I have to call them.

However, I'm not worrying about it to much yet...will wait another week or so to bitch! :) It's been nice enough to not really need it this week.

This evening I went out to pull a few weeds and it was really nice out and smelled wonderful. That damp earthy smell is a good smell, not the to die for sweet smell of the wild roses we had a while back, but still a good smell. DH was outside too, and when we both figured we had done enough of what we were doing, we sat on the front porch till it was almost dark and the bugs were "buggin" us. LOL Love sitting out there with my Love, and our dogs, just enjoying the fresh country air! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! I better get off here and get to bed. I do want to say a quick Thanks, for the comments some of you have left, either here or through e-mails lately, I really appreciate them. :-))

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  1. Hope you get your AC fixed soon! We haven't needed ours yet. In fact, right now I have my electric blanket turned on. *lol*

    The chicks are soooo cute!


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