Friday, June 17, 2011

Our little Hot Dog

Hot Dog!

I walked into my office this afternoon, and looked down and saw Peaches all sprawled out, half out of her bed. She sprawls more when she gets hot, which means she ends up falling out of bed, in her sleep. *giggle*

I think it always looks funny, when she is half in and half out of her bed, with her head lower than her hind end. Poor baby, bet she will be happy to get the air fixed too.

I thought we were going to have it done today...but...once again my hopes were dashed. Something else is now broke on it...not the guys fault who came to fix it, but because when they manufactured the coil they ended up having a messy weld or something, that welded one of the coils to a plate of metal that was suppose to be removable...which means when it was being removed it broke the coil which let lots of freon escape and now we need a new coil....AND more freon.

I have to admit, I won't soon forget hearing the freon burst while I was on the phone talking to a friend, and then a little later seeing the repair man running across the dinning room and rushing out the patio door to do something at the outside unit, to stop the flow of freon. We didn't think he could pop out of the crawl space that fast, with all the moaning he has done every time he came out, about having to work on our unit. I told my friend, that it couldn't be good to see the repair man running for the door...and it wasn't, just not as bad as it could have been. *giggle*

Thankfully this problem is still covered under the warranty...but yet again, the labor isn't. I can't recommend this furnace and air system we have, when next we need a new system, we won't be getting a Trane, unless we just get such a good deal on it, that we can't afford not to...and believe me it would have to be almost free, so the headache of getting it fixed when it broke down would be paid for in advance!

Seriously, just the attitude of the different Trane dealers who don't want to work on a system THEY didn't install is ticking me off, let alone the Trane company policy.

Oh well, in time it will get fixed....or have a sledge hammer taken to it, so I guess I'll move on. I am very thankful that most of this week has been cooler, Praise God for that one!

In better news...we got some rain last night for our garden!! We kept having rain forcasted, but then it would go around us, or just give us a tiny little bit. We finally got enough to help the garden last night I think. I was beginning to think we would have to water it...which I hated to do. Now we can hold off a little longer before having to do that. :-))

I tried something new today, I made Ghee out of some of my butter. Been wanting to try it, but haven't had enough stockpiled in the freezer, so didn't want to till I did. Now that I have enough for now...I thought it was past time to get a bunch together to try ghee.

Ghee is so expensive in the store, I've never had it, cause I wasn't willing to pay the price. Hopefully I do it right, and it turns out so we can have an oil to use that is made out of our own grass fed butter! Anytime I can stop paying for something (in this case oil) and make my own from something I have around here, I'm happy. :)

Ghee, especially from grass fed cows, is suppose to be high in vitamins and a good for you fat. It's suppose to be a smoke free frying oil and last for months if not years out of the refrigerator. A friend of mine has been making it, and she loves it! We will see how we like it next time I need some oil. :)

Well I better go finish some things so I can go to bed, time has slipped away from us again today. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)

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  1. I have never even heard of ghee...

    Hope you get your AC fixed and SOON!!!!


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