Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bountiful Garden

Garden Bounty

I may not be much of a Gardner, but I'm pretty happy with what ours is supplying us this year! Yesterday morning I picked 8 cantaloupe out of our melon patch! EIGHT!! (I picked two more this morning!) That, for US, is great I think, especially since we have never managed to garden to well in the past. :-))

Our tomatoes haven't done to well, but then I don't think I planted enough of them anyway, to have enough to do much canning with them. Thankfully we have a friend in town who is being generous with his I have been, and will be, doing some canning with them. I'm making salsa today in fact, with some he gave us.

I've canned several jars of grandma's lime pickles and will do more tomorrow (hopefully) as I started more from the nice amount of cucumbers I picked from our cucumber patch yesterday. I'm hoping to make some dill relish and then, maybe a batch of DH's Grandma's Dill pickles, just because a neighbor just gave me a recipe she had gotten from his I thought it would be cool to make it for him. That is of course if our cucumbers keep producing long enough to be able to make some. :)

I'm still picking some zucchini here and there...and okra when I find time to get out there and pick it. Gotta do that again as soon as I find the time to. I just can't seem to find enough time to pick it as often as I should, so some of them get to big to use...but we've had quite a bit of it now anyway, so that's ok. The beets are all gone, thankfully, the peas are long gone, the broccoli isn't doing real well...but hopefully I can find time to pick the few flowers we do have of it soon too. Time just seems to fly by, and doesn't leave me with enough of it to finish everything. Doesn't help that some days I'm so tired, so am even slower than usual. LOL

While our garden is producing better than I thought it might, I can't say it "LOOKS" to nice anymore. *sigh* When I had to start milking, I stopped having time to weed it in the morning and never manage to get out there any other time,'s in sad shape when it comes to the weeds/grass, but guess that's the way it goes. Least the plants were far enough along they do help keep some of it out, just not all of it. I'm just trying to keep the produce picked at this point...that's giving me enough trouble without trying to also find time to weed the garden. LOL So while my garden wouldn't win any awards...except for maybe the worst looking garden award, I'm still pretty happy with how it did this year. Being the first year with it where it is, I guess we were bound to have more grass anyway...cause after all, last year it was ALL grass. LOL

Needless to say, it's sure nice to have some extras from our garden, to give to friends this year. (Several really loved the cantaloupe I brought in yesterday!!) We've been so blessed with gifts of produce ourselves, it's nice to finally have some to give back...even if not tons yet. Give us time, maybe eventually we will have more as the years go by and we get better at this gardening thing, God willing anyway. :-))

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  1. That's so awesome! Guess you have a green thumb after all! :)


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