Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Circus came to town...

Peaches pestering Yani
Peaches barking at Yani...which she does EVERY time she sees her.

Yesterday we decided to attempt to take all three dogs (two doxie's and Yani our LGD) into town to get them up to date on their rabies shots, since it is the law they have to have them.

We've seen bad reactions to some shots, so I'm never real happy when we have to do some of them, and try to watch our babies to make sure they don't have a bad reaction.

Anyway, I hooked the two doxie's up to their leash and halters before we left, so hopefully it would make things a little easier. Course this got them all excited, because they KNEW they were going to get to go somewhere...AND get out of the truck!

I got them into the truck, and DH was trying to get Yani down to the truck, but was having trouble. Don't ask ME why he thought he could handle her after having back surgery. I had to go grab her before she would come to the truck...she doesn't like going for rides, maybe she remembers the vet, I don't know. Anyway, she got right in for me, thankfully, without any trouble.

On the way in I chuckled and told Galen the Circus was coming to town...cause I knew that taking the three dogs in, was going to be interesting.

We get to the vet, and DH takes the doxie's this time, and I grab Yani's leash and we head inside...with Peaches yapping at Yani the whole way. She had been quiet in the truck, for the most part thankfully, but once on the ground she had to start in talking to her.

Inside we couldn't get Peaches to leave Yani alone and be quiet, least not for to long. Every time Yani would move, it was a "threat" to Peaches or something, cause she would start in again. While it was kinda funny, it was a tad bit annoying. One would think she would be used to her by now, but...since Yani isn't an inside dog, Peaches doesn't seem to be getting used to her.

When they were ready for us, we had to weigh all the dogs...oh boy, let the fun begin. How do you get one dog on the scale at a time, and have them stand still so the right weight will show. I tried to put Peaches on the scale, and she wouldn't stay, so then we tried Autumn...she didn't like it any better. Holding them on it with the leash doesn't let the scale read the correct weight, least not if you are holding them tight. We finally had them all weighted...Peaches still only weighs 10.9lbs...Autumn was 16.4 lbs I think, and Yani was 95 lbs or there abouts.

I was so thankful when the weighing part of the visit was over...that's always hard to accomplish for us it seems, and having three to get a weight on was a little to much...although kinda funny, thinking back on that it's over.

In the room, they had to get temps on the dogs, which none of them liked...and do a quick check up then the shot. Poor Autumn was first, and she kept wanting held, but I couldn't pick her up, cause I had Peaches in my had to hold her on the table with one hand, hugging her as best I could. She got done, and onto the floor, so Galen could hold her leash, then it was Peaches turn. She, being extra special *giggle* got to get her toe nails clipped. Her nails grow really fast, we usually have to clip them twice as often as Autumn needs hers, so this time I wanted them to do it, as they can usually get them shorter than we do. She was NOT happy about that, she cried...which she doesn't usually do here at home, although she is never really happy about getting her nails trimmed.

Yani's turn came, and getting her temp was kinda hard to do...after all she weighs almost 100 lbs, so how are you going to get a dog who doesn't want to stand up, to stand up so you can stick something up their hind end to get their temp. *snicker* Peaches, being done and on the floor again, was barking at Yani, Yani was wanting to leave, and panting up a storm and I'm sure by this time all the people at the vets were hoping we would be leaving SOON! *giggle*

I finally told Peaches she was going to have to get in her bed, if she didn't shut up and we had some peace and quiet for a little while. Why didn't I think of saying that sooner, cause Peaches really hates getting into trouble so badly she has to get in her bed...which makes her behave herself for the most part...especially if I mention THAT. LOL The girl who was taking Yani's temp, chuckled at that, especially since it DID shut Peaches up for a little while.

We were finally done, so we could leave...DH took the doxie's outside, since Peaches went back to her barking as we were leaving the room, and I hung onto Yani as I paid for our visit...she's so big it's hard to hang onto her leash, and pay at the same time, but I managed it without her bothering others who were in the office to much...Yani is really friendly so wants to say Hi to everyone. LOL

We stuffed everyone back into the truck and hightailed it home. Once we were home, I let everyone off their leashes, before exiting the truck, so they could more easily get out and run, but Peaches stuck around to bark excitedly at Yani, as she got out of the truck...she was to close to me I think, cause Peaches bark was more higher pitched, and I had to move her out of the way with my foot, so Yani could jump down...I didn't want a mashed Peaches if Yani jumped down onto her. *giggle*

All in all it was an interesting I'm thankful we don't have to do to often. I'm sure the Vet is happy about that too. *snicker* It gave me a few chuckles though...especially after we were safely home and I thought back on it. It really was like a circus came to town...a three ring one at that! :-))

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  1. We've never taken more than one of our cats into the vet at a time... But at least with them, they would ride in the kennel. Much more managable! *lol*


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